PLP Launches ‘Militant Brigade’ -Vision Bearer Cassell Says PLP Will Liberate Liberia

By Stephen G. Fellajuah

The People’s Liberation Party (PLP) has launched what it refers to as its “Militant Brigade” charged with the responsibility of securing the gate of the party and spreading the good message of the party.

Officially launching the Militant Brigade, which is an axillary group, at a program held at the party’s headquarters on Friday, July 9, 2021, the Vision Bearer of the party, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, also dedicated the People’s Liberation Tree.

Making remarks at the program, the PLP Vision Bearer and Political Leader told the militants to exert true fighting spirit of liberation, adding, “To be a liberator, you have to have the service of a warrior.

He said there are people who do not want to see the emancipation of Liberians from mental and economic slavery.

“You will have those greedy hunters standing in the way get ready for the fight,” Dr. Cassell cautioned the militants.

He indicated that the liberation of the country from it many years of backwardness requires the patriotic strength of the youthful population to move into communities across the country and talk to the people about the mission of the PLP.

“I am humble to present to you what is so symbolic to the People’s Liberation Party, the Militant Brigade, an auxiliary of the PLP that will promote the spirit of Liberation and serve as motivation to the young people to propagate the mission of the People’s Liberation party across Liberia,” Dr. Cassell asserted.

Commenting on effort made thus far in the fight against the COVID 19, the PLP Standard Bearer said the party had been speaking with health authorities across the nation to see how best his institution could buttress the effort of government.

Dr. Cassell however, noted that the PLP does not want to duplicate those efforts already being made towards curbing the virus.

He said his institution was aiming at new approach after collecting clear information about what is lacking, saying, “We are doing need assessment and you will hear from us in the next twenty-four hours.”

Also making remarks, the National Chairman of the party, Mr. Wilmot Paye, described the Militant Brigade as a firecracker militant that will keep the feet of the ruling party to the fire and take the message the party to the people.

Chairman Paye also termed the Liberation Tree as symbol of power of authority, and said the PLP will stand under the tree to announce the total liberation of Liberia when he pledged his support to all the endeavors of the group.

As the country continues to solicit local and international help, and as government and other stakeholders continue to urge citizens and residents to abide by health measures, Mr. Page also encouraged participants at the ceremony and the country at large to follow all health protocols.

He said” “Let us continue to work, and continue to follow health measures. COVID-19 is real.”

He declared the PLP as a home for every true Liberian.

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