“Plenty Talk No Action King Kong Lawmaker” -Josephine Davies Chides Rep. Kolubah

By: Stephen Fellajuah

MONROVIA: With 43 days to the October 10, 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections, the clash between the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) candidate Madam Josephine Davies and incumbent Representative Yekeh Kolubah is said to be intensifying gradually with Madam Davies labelling Mr. Kolubah as a “plenty talk no action king kong lawmaker”

Madam Davies, in a passionate write-up on her official Facebook page over the weekend, further criticized the District lawmaker for his perceived lack of tangible action but is instead, bent on raining insults on his follow colleagues including the country’s Presidency.

She writes: “Ma Cuss and Plenty Talk No Action King Kong, we are tired with your Pettiness! We will not agree on every issue. But let us respect our differences and respect one another.”

The CDC candidate adds: “A lawmaker regularly raining insults is against the founding principles of our Nation, it is totally unacceptable and embarrassing. As a lawmaker, you should recognize that you do not serve your political party; you serve the people, our children and our country. You must show some decency and civility in our political discourse. #Changewemust.”

She highlighted specific instances where she claimed Rep. Kolubah had failed to deliver on promises to his constituents, accusing him of being a “Plenty Talk No Action King Kong,” suggesting that he was all bluster and lacked the substance needed to effect real change.

Davies cited a lack of significant legislative accomplishments and inadequate representation of the people’s interests as the reasons behind her decision to contest the District seat in the ensuring October 10, 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections.

She further emphasized the importance of having effective leadership capable of initiating meaningful policies and addressing community concerns promptly as well as Collaborating with the other branches of government precisely the Executive branch for the common good and development of the District and its people.

In another development, Madam Davies who resigned almost a year ago as the Inspector General of the Ministry of Commerce over the weekend, celebrated her Birthday in a grand style at her Chugbor residence on the Old Road.

The birthday commemoration, at her home adorned with decorations, further attracted a multitude of supporters and well-wishers, as the ambience was also charged with excitement as madam Davies stepped onto the stage in readiness to address the crowd.

Dressed in a vibrant outfit befitting the occasion, she wasted no time in expressing her thoughts, plans and vision for the people of District 10, following what she described as wasted six years, the leadership of Rep. Yekeh  Kolubah owing to his ‘failed’ track record.

Meanwhile, the crowd, comprised of enthusiastic supporters, applauded Madam Davies’ for her selfless contributions to District 10 and its inhabitants, demonstrating their agreement with her assessment of Rep. Kolubah’s performance.

They also used the occasion to express their solidarity with the CDC candidate and their hope for a change in leadership after October 10, 2023 Representatives elections for the people of the District.

Furthermore, the high-profile event served as a dual celebration, combining Davies’ birthday festivities with a rally for her political campaign, with supporters seizing the opportunity to display their unwavering loyalty, with chants and slogans echoing throughout the venue.

The atmosphere reflected widespread anticipation for Madam Davies’ candidacy and an eagerness to witness her challenge against Kolubah in the upcoming October 10, elections.

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