“Please Allow Uncle Joe to Retire from Politics” -Gbowee -Begs Unity Party to “Do the Right Thing”

MONROVIA – Nobel Laureate and peace activist Leymah R. Gbowee rose to fame during the height of the country’s bloody civil war when she led a women’s nonviolent peace movement, Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace, that helped bring an end to the Second Liberian Civil War in 2003. Her political neutrality in the country’s past democratic elections since the end of the civil war have earned her growing admiration and respect among the citizenry. But as The Analyst has gathered, it seems as if the July 26, 2019 Independence Day Orator whose message on that auspicious occasion leaned more towards a no-position stance, is now ready to take a political position as she has called on the former ruling Unity Party to do the right thing and allow its Standard Bearer Joseph Nyuma Boakai to retire from politics and focus on his health.

Taking to social media last evening in a post titled, “Unity Party, Do the Right Thing”, Madam Gbowee whose name has been linked to several opposition political institutions, but is yet to openly identify with any political party, sounded a strong caveat to the Unity Party about former Vice President Boakai’s reported ailing health.

“In the interest of peace, development, and the future of Liberia, I would like to ask you all to kindly allow Uncle Joe Boakai to retire from politics and focus on his health. He deserves to spend his golden years interacting with his grandkids, enjoying family time.

“I would also like to take this time to ask you all to reconsider your partnership with other political parties and form a merger that will provide a viable option for the Liberian people. The writings are on the wall; my Uncle Joe is in no position to contest! Uncle Joe, please be well – I pray God’s blessings upon you.

“Dear Unity Party, Liberia’s political future, and interest lie and rest squarely in your hands! It is high time we put egos aside and put Liberia and her interest first! Do the right thing!!!!”

The cautionary words from Madam Gbowee come in the wake of recent reports about Ambassador Boakai’s health condition, for which the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Information issued a press release stating that the government had initiated contacts with Mr. Boakai’s family to assist in whatever way possible. However, the Unity Party immediately rebuffed the Government’s statement as a “diabolical lie” meant to score political points.

Astonishingly, some stalwarts of the Unity Party and media handlers of VP Boaikai would on Saturday, January 14 flood the Internet with a short podcast showing a frail VP Boakai in pajamas from his hospital bed saying he is well and might even consider attending the National County Meet finals at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Complex on Sunday.

Mixed Reactions

The release of that video and subsequent photographs showing a much frailer VP Boakai being escorted from the ELWA Hospital elicited a flurry of mixed reactions from sympathizers and critics of the opposition Unity Party, with many opining that the video actually exposed former VP Boakai and did more harm than good to his image; while others called out Madam Gbowee for making judgmental statements about Ambassador Boakai’s medical condition and his political ambition as if she is his doctor to advise him to retire from politics because of reported ill health.

Moriah Yeakula of the Alternative National Congress remains a strong critic of the Unity Party and its Standard Bearer. She did not hide her disgust about what she sees as an optical blunder on the part of Ambassador Boakai’s handlers.

“The video + photos of JNB leaving the hospital da the reason for the public outcry. Leave Leymah n blame the Trojan horse who intentionally posted them for the world to see how sick the oldman is. Henry Costa will be the undoing of the UP,” blasted Atty. Yeakula.

As for Ansahta Garnett, Liberians are only concerned about what is in it for them when it comes to elections and political decisions. “I know this woman and her close relationship with JNB. This is the selfless advice of an admirer and friend. Thank you, Madam, for speaking the truth. We pray that he sees the writing on the wall and does not succumb to the pressure of those around him,” said Garnett.

But Solomon Yeagar Sr., believes otherwise. “That your boss lady Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf sent you to post this misguided post ehh? No one cares about your view or opinion, the attention you are looking for from UP and Boakai you won’t get it. Show us the medical reports that you have for Boakai which indicates that he’s unfit to run for the presidency since you are now his personal doctor,” Yeagar fumed.

“Come straight and tell us who you are working for Aunty Gbowee, and who you would like the Unity Party to merge with. As far as we are concerned, we are collaborating with parties of like minds,” Richard Kollie, another social media commentator said.

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