Patriotism and Honest -Liberian Cleric Says Are Tools for Development

By: Rancy S. Teewia

The Overseer of the Christ’s Victory International Mission of Liberia (CVIML) and CEO of the Christ’s victory International Orphanage, Rev. David Dann, says leaders of a country should be patriotic and honest if a country is to be developed. The prelate said this is more useful than just talking and lying without implementation.

He spoke Friday during a fellowship at the Christ’s Victory International Mission in Duazon, Margibi County. Rev. Dann said at Liberia’s age of 172 years without development clearly shows to the world that “our past and current leaders are not sincere and faithful to the country”.

“If we were people that care for our country and have the mind of development, Liberia should have been developed by now.’’

The clergyman noted that the issues of war and Ebola should not be the excuse for the backwardness of the country because other countries experienced the same situation but are making progress.

Rev. Dann said several contributions have been made by the American people and other intentional partners after the war and during the Ebola Crisis.

“American People and other international partners have been sending money to Liberia, but no one knows where the money goes, noting that it is speculated that about USD$ 2.2million of the money has been siphoned into personal international coffers instead of fight of the deadly Ebola Virus; noting, it was by the grace of God that this nation survived the Ebola crisis.

The Liberian cleric indicated that Liberia needs to answer the question why monies sent to the country wasn’t used properly? Countries that were looking up to Liberia in term of decision making, civilization and other things, at the inception of the independence of the country are better and developed than Liberia.

“Why are these countries developed than Liberia, moving forward than Liberia,” he wondered, noting that the underdevelopment of Liberia translates that something is being done wrong and needs to stop”.

The Liberian Clergyman also urged President George M. Weah to avoid listening to and commenting on every criticism; and instead advised the President to pay attention to the development agenda of the country and the betterment of its Citizens.

The pointed out that Weah as the President is father of a nation and should absorbed criticisms instead of being reactionary to comments and views of the people.  He maintained that if President Weah has the country at heart, he should appoint people who have the country at heart and also qualify to run their respective offices.

Rev. Dann furthered that if Liberia should attract more international partners and be developed, the government should pay serious attention to availability of electricity and construction of roads throughout the country.

According to him, this is because if the country does not have good electricity and running water, no good roads, no investors will like to come into the country to invest.

“And in every developed and industrialized Country, government doesn’t control electricity, especially in Africa where the people are not honest to each other. Rev. Dann then proposed to the Liberian Government to privatize the electricity sector.

At the same time, the clergyman called on all Liberians to change their behavior “because the President cannot make it alone.

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