Passport Director Expands Weah’s Rural Development Initiatives -Embarks on Reconnecting Villages With Road, Bridges

MONROVIA: While other officials of Government would normally await funding from state offers before undertaking much-desired rural development, there are those who are voluntarily going ahead putting smiles on the faces of their people and communities.

Mr. Joseph W. Mendin alias Uncle Joe, Director of Passport and Visas at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, is one of those doing everything to demonstrate genuine loyalty to the president by extending the development agenda of Government at his own expense.

Mr. Mendin hails from NImba County and he is not waiting on President George Manneh Weah to give instructions and resources before improving the lot of his original communities in that part of the country.

With the President Weah’s reelection, some of his lieutenants are on their own evangelizing Government’s Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PADP) in a more concrete and practical way.

For Mr. Mendin, he began the crusade for development since the last three years, providing support to communities in Nimba where he hails, constructing roads and bridges.

At his own expense, Director Mendin has been building bridges in some part of Nimba County as a way of giving back to them and what he calls ‘paving the way for President Weah’s reelection’.

He recent months, he has built two bridges linking District #3 with 4 in Gbehley Geh Statutory District, Nimba county.

A third bridge linking Garplay Town and Gborwee Goulay Town, District #4, where he donated 50 bags of cement, is under construction.

Many in these parts of Nimba have fond words for the Passport and Visa Director, describing him as a true son of Nimba and loyal friend to President Weah.

“I am not going to rest in my efforts to ensure that President Weah is elected on the strength of his development agenda, particularly in Nimba County,” he said in a brief chat with media persons during a tour of his projects over the weekend.

“Nimba is such a huge county, and we are making sure that no corner, no matter how remote, is left behind,” he said. “It is our way of improving the standard of life of our people, and telling them by deeds and actions that President Weah is also concerned about their welfare.”

He added: “One-round victory is our target this year, and we are doing everything possible to achieve this, and with our activities in Nimba, that target is an ultimate certainty.”

Mr. Mendin is one of President Weah most progressive officials. Since incumbency in the last few years has shown marked improvement in the quality, consistency and progress at the Passport and Visa Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He has quickened and made professional the issuance of Passport and extending services across the globe, and made the Department one of the reliable revenue generation hubs of Government.

His style of leadership, expressed in amiable human relations, greatly endears him to all staff and employees in the Department and at the Ministry in general.

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