Palm Spring Management Reacts to Media Reports

The Management of Palm Spring Resort has stated that that at no time its Managing Director, Najib Kamand has duped anyone or carried out any criminal activities in his business career.

As a responsible entity, we uphold all tenets of good business practice and abide by all laws of Liberia-both domestic and international.

Over the past time, a number of media outlets have published erroneous stories with the intent of portraying the manager as an unfriendly person-thus affecting the hotel in general.

It is a known fact in Liberia that, every business is undergoing through some financial and technical challenges.

As a responsible hotel, Palm Spring is one of the hotels which has provided job opportunities to   many Liberians. It has invested over US$20M dollars in the country with the aim of expanding. At present, we are upgrading our facilities to meet international standards.

We respect and value our employees and customers and will do nothing contrary to betray the trust reposed in us.  It is complete false all articles   that were published. As an entity that seeks to provide job and help the economy, we are supporting government’s effort in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and at the sometime creating jobs to boost government’s pro-poor agenda.

To this end, we wish to categorically state that we are not associated with any act of criminality and those who are spreading such lies are only interested in seeing the hostility industry   affected negatively.

We have over the past years paid our employees on time and serviced our obligations and have been studiously working with the Labor Ministry to settle any outstanding issues. Management will not take kindly to any further act of falsehood and cheap propaganda that will be published in the future.

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