“Over Spending Reduces Liberians to Poverty” – David Farhat Says Truth to Power

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, II

Former Finance Minister David Farhat says Liberia is very poor and needs help and not to over-spend the little that the country has and being controlled by few individuals in government, adding that President Weah and his officials do not know what to do since they took state power.

Mr. Farhat in an interview with journalists said the government is under obligation to do those things that give the clear meaning of the Pro-Poor Agenda and those things are transportation, quality health care, safe drinking water, education and food for the people but instead the government is  just talking about things that the people cannot see.

Mr. Farhat said nothing is being done to validate the promises made by the President and Liberians are watching. He noted that it is unfortunate that some Liberians are still going to bed on empty stomach; he then termed the situation as “a complete failure on the part of the government”.

Addressing reporters at his University of Liberia office, the Former Finance Minister indicated that “it is always good to cut your coat according to your size, live the life that represents you and avoid unnecessary spending”.

Explaining reasons behind the country’s poor economy situation, Mr. Farhat mentioned the ineffectiveness of some of those appointed by President Weah without naming anyone. Mr. Farhat, Director of the Graduate Program of Business and Public Administration at the University of Liberia furthered that the CDC led government is responsible for the current difficulties that the country faces.

He stated that there are lots of things the government needs to avoid if Liberia must do better like other countries in Africa and the world at large. Mr. Farhat is also quoted as saying “it is true that things are hard all over the world but other governments are using the challenge to help their countries which according to him CDC government must emulate”.

He told reporters that mismanagement of resources and wrongful appointments of people in positions and over spending are some of the factors responsible for the current state of affairs.

The professor further pointed out  that Liberia has been through tough times something he believes that everyone knows, but has always been managed well by past administrations and therefore called on the President to manage the affairs of the country.

In his Christmas message to Liberians, the expert economist called on citizens to exercise retrain despite of the difficult situation in the country and added that situation will change some days and Liberians will live to their expectation when the president and his able lieutenants take right approach in addressing the plight of the people.

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