ORGANGE LIBERIA – Media friendly GSM Company of the year 2018

The ANALYST’s searchlight for personalities did capture a profound GSM Company, which has been giving back to the Liberia people as its social corporate responsibility, the Orange Liberia GSM Company.  The Personality Community thought it should honor Orange for its relationship with the people of Liberia through the Media. Consequently, Orange-Liberia is named the ANALYST’s Media Friendly GSM Company of the Year.

GSM companies have the means to advertise their products and programs on their frequencies, especially knowing that nearly everyone has a phone to which its messages are sent.  In spite of this, Orange Liberia, like CELLCOM it replaced, advertise with the newspapers and radio stations as frequently as possible.   Our Media Friendly GSM Company of the Year has several programs that it advertises, including its predict and win, Zagga Christmas, Small Price, Big Deal and County Meet Quizzing amongst others.

The ANALYST’s Media Friendly GSM Company of the Year has tried without discrimination to advertise from the time of its inception in Liberia up to present, when other corporations in similar business are selective in giving out advertisements to media institution. For the fact that Orange-Liberia has been consistent with the media, we at The ANALYST honor this corporation as the Media Friendly GSM Company of the Year 2018. Congratulations!

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