Orange Liberia continued its COVID-19 relief activities over the weekend with food and sanitation prevention aid donations to several orphanages and other in-need institutions in Liberia. The donations were made as part of the company’s ongoing activities to provide aid to vulnerable populations during the coronavirus pandemic and lock down.

At the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, Orange Liberia’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly made a strong commitment that the company would stand with the Government and people of Liberia to both provide uninterrupted telecommunications services as well as much needed aid during the ongoing outbreak.  “We see this as more than just doing our corporate social responsibility. We have a burning desire to support the progress and development of this nation because we see ourselves as permanent partners in progress,” said Mr. Coulibaly who continued: “this is something I am passionate about as CEO of Orange Liberia and this is a sentiment that is shared by our regional and global executives.”

The Orange Liberian COVID-19 relief activities were executed in multiple phases and are intended to impact a wide range of sectors.  The food and sanitation aid donations made during the weekend targeted orphanages, organizations for the disabled as well as health facilities.  The company also made donations to recent victims of fire in the Matadi community.  Each of the beneficiaries received 20 bags of rice, 10 gallons of oil and 6 cartoons of soap.   A donation of food and sanitation aid was also donated to the health workers working at the 14 Military Hospital as a means of showing Orange Liberia’s appreciation for their hard work and commitment. The donations were made on behalf of the company by a team headed by Mr. Supu Cole Director of Legal, Regulatory & Government Affairs, Mrs. Betty Flahn Head of Communications, Ms. Noosevett Weah Marketing Manager and several other employees who volunteered to be a part of the goodwill gesture.

Mr. Supu Cole said that the company was making the donations to provide aid and support specifically to orphanages as well as other institutions working with some of the most vulnerable demographics in Liberia.  “We get many requests for help every day, and it is never an easy decision on which groups to support, but this time around we knew instantly that children and certain health facilities should benefit from our next round of giving,” Mr. Cole revealed.

Madam Wayfor Siaffa Executive Director of Group of 77 which benefitted from the donations, thanked Orange Liberia for the much needed support and stated, “The Group of 77 extends our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Orange Family for this generous donation.  As you know, the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia has oversight of the Group of 77 therefore you have her thanks as well.  Orange is our long-time friend that has always come to our need whenever we write so we want to thank you. The items will be used for the intended purpose.”

Speaking separately, the proprietress of Mother Victoria Orphanage, who was in a jubilant mood as the Orange team arrived to make the donation stated: “I am so happy today because Orange has come to us like an angel in our time of need.   I just want to thank God for Orange Liberia and for remembering the Liberian children during these difficult times.”   Mother Victoria stated that the donation from Orange had come at a crucial time, noting: “we were really in need of this because feeding children at this time is not easy and Orange has come with this donation at the time that we were really in need, so we say thank you Orange.  God will bless you.”

In response, Ms. Weah stated: “the donations we made today comes not just from us as a company but represents the wishes and comes from the heart of all of our employees.  This is another way for us to give back to our local communities,” Orange extended the gesture to the Ma Victoria Orphanage in Matadi, The SOS Childrens Village in Matadi, the Group of 77 on Newport Street, the TB Annex Hospital in Congo Town, the AFAA Orphanage in Paynesville, the Love a Child Orphanage on the RIA Highway, The United Blind Association of Liberia in the LPRC Community, the Children Rescue Orphanage in Mount Barclay and the Liberia Mission in Fendell. Donations were also made to the recent fire victims in Matadi as well as the 14th Military Hospital, which is serving as a treatment center for COVID-19 patients.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Orange Liberia has donated more than US$200,000 in relief items to various causes including US$50,000 in medical and non-medical supplies to the Ministry of Health. The company says it will continue to make additional donations and is in the process of shipping emergency medical supplies including 20,000 face masks, 10,000 N95 masks, 30,000 hand sanitizers, 30,000 gloves, 2,500 PPEs and hundreds of thermometers, visors and other equipment.

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