The Management of Orange Liberia has donated a consignment of medical and non-medical supplies valued at US$50,000 to the Ministry of Health to buttress ongoing efforts by the Liberian government to fight COVID-19. The donation was made at the Ministry of Health’s office in Congo Town on Tuesday in presence of Minister of Health Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, Major Joseph Kowo, AFL Medical Officer Armed Forces of Liberia, Dr. Brown of JFK Hospital and Dr. Nelson, representing National Public Health Institute of Liberia.

Making the donation on behalf of the company, Orange Liberia’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly indicated that the donation was intended to contribute to the ongoing efforts of the Liberian government to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus in Liberia. In remarks made during the official turning over of the consignment, Mr. Coulibaly said: “as a socially responsible company, we are here today as a development partner with the Liberian government. Therefore, during difficult times like these, we align ourselves to support initiatives of the Liberian government to help get the country back on its feet.”

The donation included antibiotics, respiratory medications, pain medications, N95 masks, gloves, as well as nonmedical supplies like Clorox, rain boots, soap, hand sanitizers, or back pack sprayers. Prior to today’s turnover ceremony, Orange was already supporting coronavirus response by providing phones, modems, as well as internet and data services for the MOH and NPHIL response.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the Liberian government, the Minister of Health and Social Welfare Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah commended Orange for its generous gift and noted that it was a huge boast for Liberia’s fight against Covid-19.   She said: “To Orange, we want to say thank you for this generous donation. You were already with us to provide connectivity at the Star Base quarantine center and you already provided us with 500 phones. Now, all this material is really needed and will take advantage of it in the fight of the coronavirus. We accept you as the leading partner in this fight.”

In addition to its donation to the MOH and NPHIL, Orange Liberia has also made several other donations to various communities and institutions, and community-based organizations in support of their awareness and preventative campaigns.

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