‘Opposition will lie to You’ -But Jewel Says “Don’t Mind Them”

MONROVIA:  The Vice Standard Bearer of the incumbent Coalition for Democratic Change, Madam Jewel Howard-Taylor says the opposition parties are campaigning with “telling small, small lies” which she said must have to stop, but telling a major political rally that the electorates should not go for their lies.  you’ll don’t mind them.

Politics, she said, is about interest and noted that anybody who cares for you has to consider your interest.  Accordingly, she indicated that President Weah took over when the country was 171 years old, saying that she [Jewel at 60] has lived a bit longer to see the direction the country is coming from and where it is going.

“I am 60 years old ….  In my 60 years of life,  I have seen one other President who wanted change for Liberia. You know who that President Was? President Tolbert – some of you were not born at that time,” she explained, stating “His words were to take the people from mat to mattress.”

Besides Tolbert, he said the other President who wants to develop the country is President Weah. Many, many years have passed.  We, today, have President Weah President whose interest is in the Liberian people.  “Let me give you a few reasons so you can see.  In the 12 years of the last regime, don’t you think they should have given you WASSCE free?” the crowd responded “NO!” as she said “But they did not do it.”

She said this to manifest claims that President Weah would do better than the others in the race because he cares for the people of the country. “So for me, I have become the first female Vice President in the history of my country. If President Weah was not a good person, he would never have chosen me, a woman, for Vice President.

Madam Taylor, dressed in dark trousers with a t-shirt and beret with his CDC regalia, said”Some of them never cared for what happened to us women. George Weah is interested in the upliftment in the life of everybody, regardless of gender and status”

The Vice President, a once First Lady of Liberia, maintained that the President with the heavy load of development agenda he carries on his shoulder looked down to the ordinary people including the children. “When you talk to the artist, the musicians, they will tell you what he’s doing for them. Was it like that before?” the crowd again answered ‘NO!’

“So, from the high things – road connectivity, building schools, building all the markets, etc., the President is still concerned and cares for small, small children like y’all.” She asserted, pointing out, “The only way you will know that that person is a good person is to look at their track records; what they have done it before and what they can do it again”

The CDC Vice Standard Bearer furthered, “So if you look at the plan of President Weah, all the things he want to do – ehn he deserve a second term?” a chorus yes was the response of the crowd, as  VP Taylor indicated, “The other people who want to be President just come and lie to you. They have nothing to say, don’t mind them.

“Margibi County, Don’t’ mind them. Because if you make Mistake we will go right back to the place we come from. Do you want to go back there?” against the crowd answered “NO” as she further remarked, “There where they want you want to be?”

She further explained a lot of development initiatives in the pipeline should President Weah be elected, quizzing the crowd again, “Don’t you think they could have built markets for market women all over the country? Don’t you think that they should have built sports complexes for people to play and relax in Clara Town ooo, Doe Community ooo, New Kru Town ooo, all over the counties during their 12 years?”

According to her, President Weah wants to make Liberians know that the work he is doing is for your future generation, and appealed to the younger folks to support the second term presidential bid of the incumbent because his interest is not in himself.

“President Weah has done plenty of things in his life – World Best, Euro Best, African Best and all. President Weah has become President so he has set his legacy.  Anything can happen now everybody knows President Weah all over the world. So he’s not looking for anything else. What he wants is to prove to you that politicians are supposed to work to change the lives of their people,” she said.

Madam Vice President and running mate to the incumbent accentuated that It is not about telling lies and recalled a post in which Vice President Boakai was quoted , saying  he when he was presiding over the Senate, President Weah never spoke, adding that someone sent him President Weah’s Picturing on the Senate Floor which she use to counter that lie.

Noting that it is because of these that “all of us are on the campaign trail, she said they from the CDC camp were trying to remind you who President Weah’s good intentions are for the country. She then concluded with a battle cry “In the race, Manneh in the race –no equal.”

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