Opposition Burned My House -Says Former LMA Boss

By: Jallah D. Massah

The former President of the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA), Madam Lusu Sloan Crawford has alleged that some suspended members of the Liberia Marketing Association are fully behind the arson attack on her house in the Zaizay Community, Paynesville City.
The former LMA boss accused both the suspended President Alice Yeebahn and the former CEO Jones Gibson, including their surrogates who have been making life threatening statements since the inception of the LMA crisis of been behind the arson attack..
She further alleged that someone from Alice Yeebahn camp identified as Samuel currently selling at USAID market sent her threatening text messages immediately upon her arrival from America on Monday, , adding that on Saturday her house burned leaving the suspicion that they are the brain behind the arson attack on her hare residence .
The home of Madam Crawford gutted fire early Saturday morning at 6:30AM. She said the fire started from the garage and extended to other parts of the building, leading to the damaged of properties worth100, 000 USD.
After devotion by 6:30AM, one of the men, David M. Wefare  called my attention that he heard sound like bomb from the garage after which they all ran out; “and to our utmost surprised, heavy smoke took over the entire building which eventually led to the loss of valuable items,” Madam Crawford narrated.
She expressed gratitude to God that nobody die or sustain injury in the process, although she said she regretted the loss of her personal effects, including her sister’s 40 feet container of goods that got burned.
Notwithstanding the arson attack on her residence, the former LMA boss exclaimed, “But I am not deter by their actions.”
She disclosed to this paper that the group of Alice Yeebahn supporters has been threatening to burn she and her colleague’s houses and to some extend using sharp instruments to harm others and nothing was said by authority from the ministry of justie.
She especially cited one Augustine Koffer who was once place behind bar for gashing another marketer, saying that the government yet remains reluctant in taking the necessary measures in order to avoid violence and the loss of lives.
Madam Crawford indicated that the Ministry of Justice is responsible for the misconduct of unscrupulous individuals who continued to misbehaved and go with impunity, adding that there are so many documentations against Alice Yeebahn and her supporter’s, but nothing has been done to prevent the situation from further escalation up to the arson attack on her residence on Saturday April 13, 2019.
Police and the national fire service visited the scene and they are yet to release any findings, as the cause of the fire remains unknown.

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