Nyakonah Pushes for PUL Reconciliation -Supports Calls for Independent Media Commission

The outgoing Vice President and Presidential Contender of the Press Union of Liberia has been conciliatory at the World Press Freedom Day celebration in Monrovia, where he said he is prepared to reach out to Team Kanubah to trash out their differences.

“I will reach out to Julius and the media, and we will move the union forward.” Mr. Daniel Nyakonah told the audience and participants.

Mr.  Nyakonah thanked the Guest Speaker at the occasion for the salient points raised during her keynote address, noting that the Press Union of Liberia is for all, and that it’s no one’s personal entitlement.

“The media is for both of us. We must meet and trash out our differences and move the union forward,” he said, stressing, “I tell you; we can do it; and we must do it in the soonest possible time and move the union ahead.”

‘Having listened to all of the speeches on media economy and media law reform,’ Nyakonah stated that one key point that was mentioned in Attorney Paivey’s speech was the concerted efforts by the outgoing PUL officials, and media development partners, especially USAID, in working to establish an Independent Media Commission in Liberia.

According to him, establishing an Independent Media Commission in Liberia will accelerate self-regulation of the media in the country, as well as increase the quality of information output.

Earlier, the keynote speaker of the World Press Freedom Day celebration, Patmillia Paivey, called on the government of Liberia to ensure greater protection for journalists and assist in passing a bill creating an Independent Media Commission.

The Commission when established, Atty.  Paivey said, will strengthen self-regulation and encourage greater accountability towards the growth and standards of journalism in Liberia.

Patmillia Paivey, who is a Commissioner of the Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR), thanked Liberia’s media development partners whose intervention caused the existence of more than 100 media outlets in the country.

She however added that, while the proliferation of media outlets can foster free expression and present better chances for citizens to amplify their voices, if the product is not ethical and of quality, it notwithstanding serves as a source of chaos and conflict when unregulated.

Word Press Freedom Day is globally celebrated to honor the works of journalists and media practitioners.  This year’s Press Freedom Day is celebrated under the Theme: “Shaping a Future of Rights: Freedom of Expression as a Driver of All Other Human Rights.”

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