Nimba and Lofa Counties Are Rejecting the Boakai – Koung Ticket

By Wlemongar Krangar

In a shocking turn of events, the great people of Nimba and Lofa Counties are resoundingly rejecting Joseph N. Boakai and Jeremiah Koung bid for public office.

This unexpected outcome serves as a stark revelation of the candidates’ true colors and the evident lack of support that they possess in the very place they call home.

Vice Presidential Running Mate, Jeremiah Koung had always boasted about his close ties to the community and his deep understanding of the needs of Nimba County.

However, as the election season unfolds it is becoming clear that these claims seem nothing more than empty rhetoric.

Liberians are asking why the UP ticket has failed to visit Nimba and Lofa Counties.

Is it because the people of Nimba and Lofa Counties have spoken, and their collective voice stands as a testament to their disillusionment and dissatisfaction with the empty performance record of Mr. Boakai and his running mate Senator Koung?

What is causing this dramatic shift in public sentiment? It is the candidates own actions of delivering no development for their people in Lofa or Nimba Counties and their close association with the former warlord, alleged murderer and sanctioned Senator Prince Y. Johnson. This is a fact!

For over 42 years Mr. Boakai has worked in Government, 12 as Vice President, and still cannot show what he has done to improve the lives of his own village in Foya. Even his own Lofa County, sadly, is among the least developed and a poverty riddled place.

Mr. Koung has been a lawmaker since 2011 and he is yet to show significant development in the lives of citizens.

Under his watch, he allowed Arcelor Mittal to house its workers in container houses. What did Senator Koung say to Arcelor Mittal? Nothing!

The Boakai- Koung campaign promises are empty and they cannot explain how they will improve our lives because they have no new ideas.

They only have a history of Government employment and no real plans or solutions for the challenges Liberians are facing.

The fact is that the “do nothing” performance of the Boakai- Young ticket is partly responsible for the suffering and desperation in this country today.

They have lived off the backs of our people for years but given back nothing.

Furthermore, the Boakai- Koung ticket failed to build bridges within communities, relying instead on divisive tactics of tribal politics that has only served to widen the rift among our people.

But the people of Nimba and Lofa have seen through these attempts to manipulate their emotions and recognized the shallowness of the Boakai-Koung ticket.

The continued inability of the Boakai-Koung ticket to visit Nimba or Lofa Counties demonstrates a resounding rejection.

This should serve as a wake-up call to all voters. It reveals the importance of integrity, empathy, and a genuine commitment to the well-being of the community.

The great people of Nimba and Lofa Counties deserve leaders who will prioritize the greater good over personal ambitions, leaders who will listen to our concerns and work tirelessly to address them; not the ineffective and “do nothing Boakai-Koung ticket.”

Let this moment be a turning point in our collective political consciousness. May we remember that we have the power to reject candidates who fail to truly represent us and our interests like the Boakai – Koung ticket.

The CPP, led Standard Bearer Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and Vice Standard Bearer Cllr Charlyne Brumskine is forging a path towards a brighter future because they speak,  demonstrate  and embody leaders of values and principles that we hold dear as Liberians.

The people of Nimba and Lofa are speaking loud and clear. The rejection of the Boakai-Koung serves as a powerful reminder that Liberians will always hold the power to shape their own destiny.

Let us use this pivotal moment to recommit ourselves to finding qualified candidates who will genuinely champion our causes and strive to build a stronger, more united Liberia.

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