New Senate Pro-Temp Unveils First 100-Day Plan -Karnga-Lawarence: “I am Here Because of You”

MONROVIA: The newly elected Senate Pro-Tempore, Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence has hit the ground running, as she immediately after her consensus elections unveiled her first 100-day plan to her colleagues and the nation.

Senator Lawrence won the prestigious public service post on white ballot or by acclamation—something she credited on Grand Kru Senator and former Senate Pro Tempore Sen. Albert T. Chie whose leadership put “all Senators together for the purpose of building a consensus, a factor that helped to land us here”.

In her acceptance speech, she declared: “As I embark upon this important role, it is crucial to establish a clear plan of action for my first 100 days in office as President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate. This plan will focus on strengthening legislative process, open and transparent legislative proceedings, enhancing legislative oversight, improving legislative work environment to include the welfare of legislative staffs.”

According to the first elected female Liberian Pro Temp,  the blueprint, when formulated in closed consultation with the leadership of the Liberian Senate, will outline key priorities and initiatives to help her effectively steer the affairs of this august body, foster positive change, and make an everlasting impact.

“As a mark of transparency and accountability, and in order to lead by example, I hereby inform “you that I will declare my Assets and Liabilities as well as publish this week,” he stressed. “I encourage my distinguished senators to make every effort in doing same. We have a duty, and we must do!”

Senator Lawrence recalled that over the last couple of years, she have had the opportunity to work alongside members of the Senate, regardless of political affiliation, to address the pressing issues facing our country.

“I firmly believe that by fostering constructive dialogue, finding common ground, and seeking bipartisan solutions, we can make steady progress through legislative oversight, and enactment of legislations that will positively impact our country and people,” she stressed.

She congratulated all Senators on their return to the Senate for another term of service following the successfully conclusion of the 2023 general and presidential elections.

To the newly inducted senators, he said, “we again extend our heartfelt congratulations, and welcome you to the House of Elders. We are excited about the addition of former leaders of the Legislature, former officials of Government and professionals with different expertise to this Senate.

“I have absolutely no doubt that your expertise and experiences will certainly add more values to the Liberian Senate, and assist in accomplishing the goals of our agenda for a more vibrant, independent and reformed Senate. Also, permit me to seize this moment to extend heartfelt congratulations to H.E. Amb. Joseph N. Boakai Sr., and Senator Jeremiah K. Koung on their respective election as President-elect and Vice-President-elect of the Republic of Liberia.”

The Grand Bassa County Senator further noted that Liberia is overwhelmed with unparalleled challenges ranging from economic uncertainty, bad roads connectivity, public health crises, drug epidemic, and youth unemployment to many other social and structural contradictions.

“It is therefore imperative that we, as Members of the Liberian Senate, rise to meet these challenges with courage, passion, and a steadfast commitment to the well-being of our fellow citizens,” he asserted, calling on colleagues to move forward with optimism, unity, and a shared determination to build a better future for our nation.

Madam Lawrence said she was humbled and deeply honored to accept the tremendous responsibility and privilege of serving the 55th National Legislature of the Republic of Liberia as the President Pro Tempore of the Honorable Liberian Senate.

She thanked her predecessor, Sen. Albert T. Chie, for his leadership in bringing all Senators together for the purpose of building a consensus, “a factor that helped to land us here”.

She acknowledged that what she called a milestone accomplishment wouldn’t have been made possible without the consistent and unwavering support of esteemed colleagues of the Senate, supervised by Sen. Jeremiah Koung, Vice President-elect, and Sen. James Biney, new Chair on Executive, the Independent Senators, and support staff.

“This accomplishment is truly a life changing moment for me in particular and the women of Liberia in general. For me, this preferment is not just a personal feat, but a testament to the trust and confidence that you, my esteem colleagues, have reposed in me.

“To the Senators who did not join the victory team, we want to extend our thanks and appreciation for a democratic process, and look forward to working with all of you in the best interest of our country. Our collective efforts are needed to change the trajectory of our Country.”

She also thanked all Liberians, home and aboard, who supported and continue to support her works at the Senate.

“To my people of Grand Bassa County, the citizens and residents of Grand Bassa County, I am here because of you, and I want to appreciate you for the confidence you reposed in me to represent our great county at the legislature,” Senator Lawrence added.

“To the partisans and supporters of the Liberty Party, Rescue Missionaries, I am entirely overwhelmed by your show of support and love to this process. Thank you for everything. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my families, particularly my father, Rev. Dr. Abba Karnga Sr. who is here with us today for his continuous support and motivation toward my political sojourn.

“As a woman, I am much honored to be the first amongst equals in a male-dominated Senate of twenty-seven powerful, influential and experienced men. On this note, I wish to give special recognition to the two powerful, resilient and honorable women from Grand Cape and Gbarpolu counties for standing up with me.”

Speaking further she declared: “Today, it is common knowledge that politics in Liberia has very sadly become a no-zone for many Liberian women out of fear of being bullied, maliciously slandered, and intimidated. My own story is a classic example of the things women in politics go through on a day-day basis. But through it all, I remained internally grateful to God for his many blessings, the resilience and audacity he has given me to persevere. It is my fervent hope that women of Liberia are inspired by this accomplishment and step to the occasion as we collectively endeavor to increase the presence of women in the national legislature.”

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