New Political Alliance Emerges -As Alaric Tokpa, Whappoe, Kiemu float DAL

As the race to the 2023 Presidential and legislative elections takes shape and politicians begin to map out strategies on the possible way of clinching the Presidency and other legislative seats, 3 political parties, the Democratic People’s Party of Liberia of Reverend David Kemu, the National Democratic Coalition of Prof. Alaric Tokpa and the Vision of Liberia Transformation of Dr. Jeremiah Whappoe yesterday, Wednesday, May 25, 2022 signed a declaration of intention to formalize the formation of an alliance to be known as the Democratic Alliance of Liberia(DAL).

In his opening remarks at the program held at the National Headquarters of the DPPL, Reverend Kiamu told the gathering that it was a great day for Liberia as committed patriots have decided to come together under a single umbrella to find lasting solutions to the country’s backwardness brought about by bad leadership over the years.

He paid homage to all those who made the process possible and called on constituent parties to work together and achieve the objective of the collaboration.

Two persons each from the three political parties signed the declaration along with the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia, Emmanuel Gonguoi along with three other private individuals representing persons of influence in the society.

Reverend Kiamu and Attorney Dickson Tamba, National Chairman of DPPL signed for the party, Thomas Kaydor and Siapha Gbollie signed for the NDC while Dr. Whappoe and Mr. Gbowuah signed for VOLT.

Renowned political activist Prof. Alaric Tokpah, who read the Declaration of Intent said the Democratic Alliance of Liberia represents the new hope of Liberia against corruption and bad governance and shall be open to all good and spirited Liberians who seek for the forward march of the party. He then outlined issues of common grounds that have cemented the relationship among the three parties and affiliating groups which according to him are germane to building a prosperous democratic society.

He said in the coming months ahead, the alliance will formalize its registration with the National Elections Commission (NEC) in keeping with the law of the country as a full-fledged political party and engage the citizens to canvas their support towards the ensuing 2023 Presidential and legislative elections.

“We unanimously agree to work together and negotiate the selection of the best candidate for Liberia in general and presidential elections. We dedicate ourselves to mobilize every sector of the Liberian society at home and abroad for the betterment of the country.

“In the event of electoral victory, to plan a strategy for people centered national development  working to protect the best interest of Liberia, our political parties and affiliates of individuals

“We shall base our association on the unflinching loyalty to the country, dedication to democratic culture, mutual respect, honesty, respect for constituted authority, consensus building and transnational solidarity.

Speaking further amidst loud sound of battle cries, slogans and chants, the Acting National Chairman of the new alliance said they have understood , agreed and emphasized that they shall negotiate and build consensus around and support for one presidential candidate and encourage negotiation between the parties for effective participation in elections.

“We shall therefore work under a common platform, construct a manifesto as instrument of governance and protocol of cooperation, accede to the people’s agenda for national progress by which the public shall judge government performance under a DAL administration and hold the government accountable and shall evaluate its performance”, Acting Chairman Tokpah concluded.

Goodwill messages from other political parties and other speakers who spoke at the program called for collective resolve on the part of the opposition community to have a united front against the ruling establishment and ensure that President George Manneh Weah does not get a second mandate in 2023.

While decrying the state of the nation under this dispensation to be frustrating and not encouraging for the future of the country, especially given the level of poverty, the deteriorating state of insecurity, the collapsed health sector and poor educational system, they also took a swipe at some individuals within the crisis-ridden Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and cautioned the new alliance to do things different in order to keep the hope of the people alive.

If  DAL becomes a full pledge political party, then it will be the third coalition of political parties in the country following the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and the Rainbow Alliance. There has not been any indication yet whether DAL will further merge with other political parties to brighten its chances in 2023.

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