NEEV-Liberia Seeks Collaboration with Transport Ministry -Rolls Out Plans to Boost Liberia Transport Sector

MONROVIA: The Ministry of Transport on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, received in audience a delegation from the New Energy Electric Vehicle (NEEV-Liberia), headed by its youthful Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Cassell Anthony Kuoh, carefully who laid out his company’s plans to revolutionize the transport sector by introducing electric and more energy-efficient vehicles to address climate change, reduce emissions, promote sustainable mobility and economic growth.

According to NEEV CEO Kuoh, he and his senior management team were impressed by the commitment of the Ministry of Transport to reducing GHG emissions by 15.1% by 2030 to ensure national goals feed into regional and international objectives of the Paris Agreement, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and the Sustainable Development Goals with the capabilities of creating a cleaner, safer, resilient and livable environment.

Mr. Kuoh used the occasion to emphasize the need for government collaboration to drive his vision to reality as a Liberia-owned business poised to train, empower, and employ Liberia youths in the just and sustainable mobility era.

Received by Mr. Amos Borbor, Technical Focal Point/Special Assistant to the Minister of Transport, Mr. Kuoh used the occasion to inform the Office of the Minister of Transport, Hon. Sirleaf Tyler, that his e-mobility firm is about to undertaken the training and empowerment of 100 young Liberians to operate and own brand new electric/solar-powered three-wheelers commonly known as kehkehs, while another batch of 150 young Liberians will also be empowered to ride and own two-wheeler motorbikes.

The NEEV CEO said he hoped that the collaboration with the Ministry of Transport will be actualized with the issuance of specialized license plates with colors symbolic of the green environment to show a distinction from fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

“As a sign of our commitment to this collaboration, NEEV will be donating one electric vehicle to the Ministry of Transport through the Division of Climate Chane and Environment, and so, we will be extending an invitation to the company’s launch slated for the first week in May 2024,” Mr. Kuoh stated.

Responding, the Special Assistant to the Minister of Transport commended NEEV Liberia for their timely intervention, promising to relay CEO Kuoh and his delegation affirmation of collaboration to the Minister proper.

The NEEV-Liberia team later met with the Deputy Transport Minister for Roads and Rails Transport, Mr. Rudolph Gbee Natt, who acknowledged the significance of NEEV’s vision and mission and promised to collaborate and ensure compliance of NEEV activities and request which will be discussed with the head of the Ministry for possible implementation.

“I am truly proud to see a young Liberian entrepreneur venturing into the transport sector with the goal of mitigating climate change,” Minister Natt said.

The NEEV-Liberia delegation also comprised Managing Director Mr. Molley V. Paasewe, Mr. Peterking Quaye, Special Assistant to the CEO.

The visit climaxed with CEO Kuoh showcasing to Deputy Minister Natt and the Transport Ministry family one of the many solar-electric-powered three-wheeler kehkehs that are in in-country to revamp the economy and promote a greener transport sector.

About NEEV-Liberia

New Electric Energy Vehicle (NEEV) is an e-mobility startup in Liberia. NEEV aims to revolutionize the transport sector by introducing electric and more energy-efficient vehicles to address climate change, reduce emissions, promote sustainable mobility and economic growth. These objectives are driven by astute and dynamic team members to make our vision and goals impactful and successful.

With a focus on local manufacturing, job and opportunity creation, and youth empowerment, NEEV aims to contribute to Liberia’s NDC goals and overall socio-economic development. By providing training and employment opportunities to more than 100 young people, NEEV’s goal is to empower the youth and promote gender equality, a motivation founded on achieving our shared vision of an inclusive, better, more prosperous, net-zero carbon in Liberia with sustainable transport modes at its heart.

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