NEC Rules in Chambers’ Complaint Today -Speaker’s Camp Optimistic of Victory

MONROVIA: After a heated legal tussle between the two contending parties in the disputed election results for the Sodoken-Pleebo District, Maryland County, the Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commission (NEC) announced yesterday that it  will today, December 7, 2023 give final ruling with respect to the complaint filed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bhofal Chambers against Anthony Williams, the declared winner of the contest in which the Speaker alleged irregularities that put him in a disadvantageous position, thus robbing him the chances of being re-elected for his Sodoken-Pleebo District.

At the close of their arguments yesterday through their respective legal teams, the two parties were informed that the ruling will be handed down today, Thursday, December 7, 2023, interestingly a day to the time NEC is expected to certificate all the winners including Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai and  Senator Jeremiah Kpan Koung as President elect and Vice President elect respectively.

It can be recalled that after the declaration of the results in which the National Elections Commission (NEC) documented Anthony Williams as the winner, the legal team of Speaker Chambers filed its objection to NEC alleging that there were evidence of wanton fraud, flagrant cheating, collusion in some voting centers and precincts in Maryland County District #2 covering, Pleebo Sodoken District  and a series of controversies involving the appearance of “Country Devil” during the voting hours, which resulted in some observers and other electoral workers fleeing for their lives.

Team Chambers maintained that the “Country Devil”, in collusion with some NEC workers including an NEC staff identified as Miss. Cece Nimely, the Electoral Supervisor in some rural towns namely, Old Sodoken, Gbololu, and Witchoken, took some ballot boxes assisted by some traditional leaders and carried out fraud, cheat and other electoral malpractices.

It has been widely reported in the media that the NEC Electoral Supervisor, Miss. Nimely admitted on tape, her collusion with one of the candidates in the elections and mentioned as Anthony F. Williams, a candidate they favored to commit fraud, “as a mandate from the NEC Magistrate in Harper”.

Team Chambers further contended that several copies of tally sheets which they have “evidence of,  showed figures or number of voters, per polling centers, far above the NEC threshold per precinct and center, thus suggesting even more reasons to query the outcome of the present result from that part of Maryland County”.

In the complaint form signed by the CDC’s Poll Watcher identified as Mr. Steven Russell, the CDC complained that they were disallowed by the “country devil” and some “traditional bush masters” believed to be supporters of candidate Anthony Williams just before the start of the tallying of the votes. Mr. Russell indicated that whilst the vote process was taking shape at mid-day, several supporters of the CDC were disallowed by some local NEC poll staff. The Old Sodoken community is believed to be the home-town of candidate Anthony Williams.


Team Chambers said scores of supporters of candidate Dr. Bhofal Chambers, are pointing accusing fingers at candidate Anthony Williams who reportedly ordered scores of young people to take to the streets of Pleebo recently, chanting undemocratic slogans.

Also, Legal counsels to the Speaker led by former Solicitor General, Cllr. Sayma Serenious Cephas during NEC hearing recently claimed that Chambers’ polling agents and observers were terrified and chased away from the voting vicinity by the presence of a country devil, and in the process seized ballot boxes at polling precinct #27020 in Old Sodoken, Maryland County whose results are now under dispute.

They further indicated that they have evidence that there were more votes cast in that polling center far beyond the regular 550 voters threshold  to be cast at a polling center.

Team Chambers indicated further that their client, Speaker Chambers is in a confident mood to emerge victorious of the electoral process having filed a strong complain backed by sufficient evidence based on all existing electoral laws in the country.

On his part, Anthony Williams who has been declared by NEC as the winner of the race but will not be certificated with his other colleagues on Friday, December 8, 2023 due to the outstanding challenge from Chambers said he stands by the result “that was duly declared by the sole official agency of government responsible for the conduct of elections and declare results in the country.

On the final day of the collation of results, NEC announced Williams as the winner with 8,158 votes while Chambers votes were 8,122, a difference of 36 votes.

Meanwhile, in a surprising turn of events, over 40 lawmakers have voiced their support for Bhofal Chambers as the potential Speaker of the 55th Legislature. Despite the current electoral dispute with the National Elections Commission (NEC) over alleged fraudulent results from Pleebo Sodoken District in Maryland County, Speaker Chambers maintains confidence in the democratic process.

A recent survey has indicated that Chambers’ leadership style is considered optimal for the role, with a majority of both retained and new lawmakers expressing admiration for his respect towards colleagues and his genuine concern for their well-being. Unlike some, Chambers is highlighted as a leader who prioritizes values over mere financial gestures.

The ongoing electoral case has not deterred the lawmakers, who believe in the NEC’s ability to ensure a fair and democratic resolution. Speaker Chambers, known for maintaining stability within the Legislature throughout his six-year tenure, is portrayed as a leader who operates without unnecessary noise on Capitol Hill.

Furthermore, proponents argue that Chambers has significantly elevated the profile of the Liberian Legislature on the global stage. His diplomatic approach and commitment to constructive leadership have garnered recognition, marking a positive impact on Liberia’s international standing.

As the situation unfolds, lawmakers eagerly await Speaker Chambers’ response to the widespread support, while he remains notably silent on the matter.

One of Hon. Bhofal Chambers’ remarkable achievements is the elevation of the Liberian legislature on the global stage. Chambers has received international recognition, having been invited to prestigious gatherings such as the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C., where he engaged in meaningful discussions with former U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi. His diplomatic prowess was further showcased in the United Kingdom, where he met with members of the House of Commons, among other notable international forums.

As a trusted and proven leader, Hon. Bhofal Chambers has consistently demonstrated his ability to navigate the complexities of legislative affairs, earning the respect and admiration of colleagues both at home and abroad. His commitment to fostering cooperation and collaboration among lawmakers has contributed to the legislative body’s effectiveness in addressing the needs and concerns of the Liberian people.

The over 40 lawmakers who eagerly await Hon. Bhofal Chambers’ candidacy firmly believe that he is the ideal candidate to continue leading the 55th Legislature. His proven track record, global recognition, and dedication to the principles of democracy make him a compelling choice for the position of Speaker.

As Liberia looks toward a new era in legislative leadership, the lawmakers supporting Hon. Bhofal Chambers are confident that his leadership will usher in a period of continued stability, progress, and positive engagement for the betterment of the nation.

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