NEC Certificates 10 New Political Parties -Issues Writ For 2023 General Election

MONROVIA: The proliferation of political parties in the country increased to 30 yesterday, when the National Elections Commission (NEC) certificated 10 additional parties after fulfilling all the constitutional requirements relative to the registration and operation of political parties just as it issued writs of election to 19 of its electoral magistrates in the country, announcing the timetable of the 2023 general election.

Speaking at the occasion, Chairperson of NEC, Madam Davidetta Brown-Lassanah, welcomed the delegation from the various political parties and told them that having satisfied all the requirements under the new elections law of Liberia, the electoral body was pleaed to certificate and accredit them and urged them to abide by the rules and obligations of the laws.

Those parties certificated were, African Liberation League, Grassroots Development Movement, Liberia First Movement, African Democratic Movement of Liberia, Liberia Rebuilding Party, United Independent Democrats, National Development Party, All Liberian Solidarity Party, Reformers National Congress and Greater Action Party of Liberia.

She then presented the certificates to each of the parties just as individual leaders or designated persons spoke on behalf of their respective institutions with a general pledge from all of them to uphold the laws of the land, promoting peace and unity while discharging their political duties and responsibilities.

Meanwhile, the National Elections Commission (NEC) yesterday issued writs of elections to the 19 electoral magistrates in the country and urged them to ensure that the ensuing general elections under their respective domains meet the standard international best practice devoid of fraud and other controversies, while being impartial and upholding every aspect of the election laws of Liberia.

The issuance of the writs of election is a cardinal activity in the electoral process and backed by Section 43(2) of the New Election Laws of 1986, the writs shall direct the magistrate of elections of each county/district in accordance with the provision of the title and instructions of the commission.

Chairperson Davidetta Brown-Lassanah who conducted the exercise, read the writs to the Clerk of Writs, Amos Kamara, mandating him to inform the various magistrates of the necessitate of the election including the timetable for the nomination and submission of candidates from political parties, alliances, coalitions, and independent candidates.

‘Whereas Article 50 of the 1986 constitution of the Republic of Liberia states that the President and Vice President shall be elected for 6 years;

“Whereas Article 48 of the 1986 constitution of the Republic of Liberia states that members of the House of Representatives shall be elected for a term of a 6 years, or commencing in January of the year immediately following in the election,

“Whereas the last election for the office of the President, Vice President and members of the House of Representative were conducted in the year 2017. Those elected took their respective offices in January 2018, hence vacancies shall be created in January 2024.

“In January 2024, the offices of President, Vice President and the 73 seats of the House of Representatives in the 54th legislature due to expiration of their respective tenure

“Whereas Article 45 of the 1986 constitution of the Republic of Liberia states that members of the House of Senate shall be elected for 9 years and whereas 50% of seats in January 2024 due to the expiration of the 9th year tenure elected in 2014 election and assumed their offices the following year;

“Whereas Article 83(A) that voting for the office of the President, Vice President and House of Representatives shall be conducted throughout the Republic of Liberia on the second Tuesday of October of each year,

“Whereas this year, is an election year, and the National Elections Commission is empowered by the constitution of Liberia to conduct all elections for elective offices and declare the results thereof;

“Now, therefore, I on behalf of the Board of Commissioner, hereby command you to issue election writs to each election magistrate, his or her deputy assigned to conduct in their respective country for the 2023 general election for the offices of the President, Vice president and the seats of the House of Representatives and Senate of their respective places of assignment.

“The election shall be on 10th day of October, AD 2023 from the hour of 8 am in the morning to the hour of 6 pm

“And I do hereby direct that the last day of nomination and submission of candidate of political parties, alliances, coalition and independent aspirants shall be 14th day of July AD 2023 at 5 Post Meridian”, the writ said.

Thereafter, the Clerk of Writs at NEC, Amos Kamara having received the writs, read out the documents to the magistrates and then presented copies to each of them.

Speaking on behalf of the magistrates, the magistrate of Lower Montserrado Vopea Gongloe pledged the commitment of his colleagues to conducting a free and fair election and urged political parties and other stakeholders not to approach the election with the intent to undermine the process.

On the order of Chairperson Brown Lassanah, each and every magistrate was asked to publicly state their commitment to the process and they obliged.

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