NDC Condemns Attack On Justice Scott and Family -Calls for Independent Probe

MONROVIA – The National Democratic Coalition (NDC) in Solidarity with Former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott calls for an independent probe of the gruesome attacks on the family of the former Chief Justice and noted that a “stop the killing protest” is being organized. Although the release in its conclusion did not say who is organizing the “stop the killing protest” the NDC notwithstanding indicated that it lacks confidence in the government of Liberia to investigate the attacks on Justice Scott’s residence.

Vehemently condemning what it calls ‘the cruel attack on the home of former Chief Justice Scott, and the gruesome murder of Cllr. Scott’s daughter,  the NDC said it is deeply saddened by the recent incident, saying, “This act, it is alleged, was carried out by government sponsored security apparatus of the Monrovia City Corporation.”

In a statement issued yesterday, the National Democratic Coalition noted that Liberia, along with the international community, is witnessing yet another human rights violation [which is] brutality against a stateswoman and member of the opposition community during the reign of President George Weah. “Evidently, this constitutes a threat to the peaceful atmosphere the people of this country have enjoyed over the last 15 odd years, and supported by ECOWAS and the international community.”

The NDC indicated that within the past three years since the inception of the Weah government, numerous murders of ordinary as well as high profile citizens and government officials remain unexplained and mysterious to date, pointing out that government investigations into these murders have also failed to identify the perpetrators, let alone delivering justice to the affected families [involved].

  The coalition cited the murdered government auditors, Princess Cooper, Rev. Dr. William R. Tolbert, III and many others are classic examples of unsolved murders under the Weah government.

Signed by Dougbeh Chris Nyann, the NDC Vice Chair for Int’l Affairs, attested by  the NDC’s National Chairman  Alaric K. Tokpa and approved by the NDC’s Political Leader Nyaquoi K. Kargbo , the statement said the Coalition recognizes that the government has relinquished its constitutional responsibility of providing security for the people of this country as attested to by the striking dereliction of duties by President George Weah who officially suggested that each citizen should acquire [his/her own] CCTV camera for their own security and protection. 

Additionally, the NDC release said it is very worrisome that the investigation by the Liberian National Police of the attempted assassination on Former CJ Gloria Scott is not focusing on finding the perpetrators, but have shifted to investigating CJ Gloria Scott, the victim.

“This act constitutes a double victimization of the bereaved family and demonstrates the government’s insensitivity. Government denial of access to Cllr. Gloria Scott to the body of her daughter is also wrong,” the NDC said in the release.

 The NDC said in its release that the national insecurity in the country, the targeted attack on opposition figures, the semi-legal, and haphazard approach by the Weah government to crimes may undoubtedly lead citizens to responding in kind with similar measures that could cause the total collapse of law and order in the country.

    “In this time of grief, the National Democratic Coalition stands with the Scott Family and in solidarity with the women of Liberia, Africa and the world. Finally, the NDC, urges the Weah government to impartially address the national insecurity question that is looming and calls on the opposition, civic groups, the youth and students as well as the general citizenry to protest against the mysterious killings in the country, incompetence of law enforcement, and the silence of the Weah government.” The release maintained and concluded, “”STOP THE KILLING’ nation-wide protest is being organized!”

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