NaFAA Refutes Witch-hunt Narrative -Says Employee Tamba sacked for HR Policy violation

MONROVIA: The Management of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) has reacted to claims of illegal dismissal by the former Driver of the Director General, Madam Emma Metieh Glassco.

The former NaFAA Driver Tamba Kamanda recently made allegation of dismissal by the Fisheries Authority on local radio stations and social media, stating that he was illegally dismissed by the Authority.

A press release from NaFAA states that, Mr. Tamba Kamanda who was employed for barley five months was dismissed on January 30, 2024 on the basis of physical attacked on the vehicle of the Director General, which case was registered on December 4, 2023 at the Freeport Police Depot under Zone1. His actions violate section 3.0a and section 10.2e of the Human Resource Policy.

Also, Mr. Kamanda was earlier suspended on August 28, 2023 due to inappropriate working habit which contravened section 5.3a of NaFAA’s Human Resource policy with regards to the abandonment of post.

The termination came after continuous verbal and written notices, and warnings, in keeping with Section 18.0d as per the Human Resource Manual, the release signed by NaFAA Communication and Media Services Director Lewis Konoe concluded.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kamanda alleged that he was dismissed by the Director General of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA), Emma Glasco, for openly supporting President Joseph Boakai during the October 10, 2023 Presidential election.

According to the report, the dismissal of Kamanda has sparked fear amongst employees of the entity, with some describing her action as a “witch hunt”.

An Inquirer report recalled that Madam Glasco, during the October 10, 2023 elections, openly supported former President George Weah of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Appointed by former President Weah in 2018 and later reappointed in 2022, after the expiration of her tenure, Glasco has been touted as one of the best DGs many employees in Liberia have admired, given her rebranding of the country’s fisheries sector.

But the report had it that since the defeat of Pres. Weah to President Boakai of the Unity Party (UP), Madam Glasco has been singling out workers who supported Boakai, including Kamara Kamanda, who was previously her personal driver since her entry in government.

Explaining his ordeal, Kamanda said he was wrongfully dismissed by Madam Glasco without salary for revealing his connection to President Boakai, thus rejecting her instruction to support the CDC.

He said prior to his dismissal, Madam Glasco suspended him for time indefinitely in October of 2023 without pay, citing that he abandoned his job to campaign for the UP and not the CDC.

According to him, all efforts exerted to explain to Madam Glasco concerning his absence from work, which he attributed to sickness, proved futile, as his dismissal was finalized in January 2024.

Kamanda indicated that he has, on several occasions, been threatened by Madam Glasco, where she has also, in times past, refused to settle his arrears on some occasions.

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