NACSUL Detests Smear Campaign Against Sethi Ferro Fabrik -Discloses That Victims Are Responding To Treatment

The National Civil Society Union of Liberia (NACSUL) has condemned allegations made by the President of the Workers Union at Sethi Ferro Fabrik Incorporated, Eric Bankers, claiming that workers have been threatened to return to work amidst the company not putting in place safety measures for the workers, as was advised by the Government of Liberia (GOL).

A few days ago, Bankers alleged that the son of Paul Sethi, who goes by the name of Jay, has begun threatening them of dismissal if they refused to go back to job, even though the company has “intentionally” refused to improve their safety regime.

However, in a statement issued Sunday, September 19, 2021, NACSUL clarified that the allegations are baseless and lack any iota of truth. According to the group, the workers union president’s statement sounds politically motivated, with the intent to negatively override the company’s effort in helping the victims of the fire incident and putting in place all necessary mechanisms to protect the lives of its employees.

“Since the fire incident occurred at Sethi Ferro Fabrik, the management of the company has been working closely with the relevant authorities, as well as the employees of the company, in making sure that a tripartite agreement, involving the government, the company’s management and the workers union, come to fruition. It is just unfortunate that Bankers would make such a degrading allegation against the management,” NASCUL observed.

The civil society group, which noted that it has been closely following the developments at Sethi Ferro Fabrik since the fire incident, noted that it is laughable to accuse Jay, who takes instruction from Paul Sethi, of threatening employees with dismissal when, in fact, Jay, along with others, have been making sure that the company institutes the necessary mechanism to curtail any re-occurrence of the previous fire incident. The group called on Bankers to desist from tarnishing the reputation of an individual who took years of hard work and commitment to build his character.

NACSUL commended and hailed the incredible effort of the Chief Executive Officer of Sethi Ferro Fabrik Incorporated, Paul Sethi, for swiftly coming to the aid of victims affected by the fire incident that engulfed the steel factory in LPRC community, Gardnersville.

Paul Sethi, on Thursday, August 19, 2021 secured a chartered flight from Senegal to transport four critically injured victims of the fire outbreak to the 37 Military Hospital in Accra, Ghana, for advanced medical treatment. However, one of the victims, an Indian, passed before the departure time.

In a press statement issued Sunday, September 19, 2021, and signed by the Secretary General of the group, Alexander H.M. Kromah, NACSUL said investigation conducted into the cause of the fire outbreak reveals that the unfortunate incident occurred accidentally; as such, it should not be politicized in any form or manner, as management will not willfully create a situation to injure its own employees.

According to the group, Paul Sethi is one of the highest tax paying businessmen in the Republic, who consistently complies with tax regulations. They said Paul Sethi’s investment contributes highly to the revenue generation of the nation, and so he and his son, Jay, should not be wrongly treated or intimidated for an unforeseen accident, which is far more beyond human control.

“We see Paul Sethi’s swift intervention to fly the victims out of the country as a manifestation of good management. We are aware that Paul Sethi is taking full charge of the victim’s needs while at the 37 Military Hospital. We would like to use this medium to appreciate him for his farsightedness and humanitarian gesture,” the NACSUL release continued.

NACSUL disclosed that the three persons flown to Ghana for medication are positively responding to treatment and gradually regaining their health. They expressed joy over the good tidings, and called on the families of the injured victims to remain hopeful that their relatives will come back home safe and healthy.

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