NACSUL Debunks Allegations Against LWSC Boss Kamara

The National Civil society Union of Liberia (NACSUL) takes serious exception to the numerous attempts being made in the media by some persons believed to be insiders at the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) besmear the hard earned character of Mr. Duannah Kamara, the current Managing Director (MD) of the Corporation.

Owing to the gravity of the Accusations levied against Mr. Kamara, NACSUL said it has conducted an investigation and found that at no point in time Mr. Kamara was dismissed from the employ of any of the previous places he has worked in various Capacities.

A NACSUL press release said while these paid agents against Mr. Kamara alleged that the LWSC boss was disgracefully discharged from his post as head of the Bureau of General Accounting (BGA) of the Ministry of Finance under former Finance Minister Lusinee A. Kamara, facts discovered during the NACSUL investigation proved that

Mr. Kamara served his post professionally during an era in our history when accountability in public office was not a reality in its actual sense.

“We moreover observed that predicated on his devotion to the requirement of accountability which accompanies public office, Mr. Kamara scrupulous discharge of his duty landed him on several high

Profile jobs in the private sector to include Access Bank, the African Development Bank, and the IBI-USAID pilot project, etc.

“In the face of these huge realities, we find it very foolhardy that some people within the employ of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) would want to tarnish the respected reputation of this great son of Liberia. We strongly believed that given Mr. Duannah Kamara’s qualifications and wealth of experience, he is one of the very few persons of professional a competence nd experienced needed to drive to success the pro-poor Agenda.

The LWSC boss, the CSO group said, entered into a US$20 million arrangement with the World Bank for the expansion of water supply capacity to Urban Liberia and its nearby outskirts. Accordingly, it remains undoubted opinion that this arrangement with the World Bank was made possible by the Bank’s respect for the professional competence and integrity of Mr. Duannah Kamara.

“In view of the above observations, we hereby categorically condemn the reckless and unfounded accusation by these mentally-ill people whose sole objective is to cause the dismissal of Mr. Kamara on their false accusation for their likes to assume the office he occupies,” the group asserted.

NACSUL said as Mr. Duannah Kamara represents a hallmark of respect for accountability and caution for public trust, we urge the President George Manneh Weah to ignore the mudsling diatribes, and continue to give Mr. Kamara the needed support to provide the needed services the public looks forward to from the Liberian Water and Sewer Corporation.

“Finally, we plead with the media to continue its duty of due diligence to the public by investigating stories about such reputable persons as Mr. Duannah Kamara before allowing Press attention to them,” the group pleaded, hoping the media and others being used by these hired agents will take due note of the above regarding the personality of Mr. Kamara.

The National Civil Society Union of Liberia also expressed its appreciation to Mr. Kamara on the signing of the US$2OMillion Dollars water Expansion Project with the World Bank, and hereby reaffirms its unwavering support for Mr. Duannah Kamara, pledging to stand by him at all times under situations that are created by dubious individuals within the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation and elsewhere.

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