NACSUL Chides Two Journalists -For Negative Propaganda against Liberian Humanitarian

National Civil Society Union of Liberia (NACSUL) attention has reacted to series of negative Facebook propaganda by two Liberian Journalists who have chosen to besmear the reputation of Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, a man with a Heart of Gold for his people, a born Humanitarian, and a man who desire is to change the narrative of this aged-old Country, Liberia.

NACSUL in a Statement on Friday, February 26, 2021 sees Dr. Cassell’s goodwill gestures for the ordinary people of Liberia as not only laudable but a means of ensuring a better and brighter future for the vulnerable people who have loss hope in the society.

The Civil Society group has encouraged Dr. Daniel E. Cassell never to be deterred by these negative publications which at times will serve as distractions, but rather implores him to continue to focus on the aims and objectives of making Liberia a better place for all.

As one of Liberia’s renowned and credible Civil Society Organizations, NACSUL through its Executive Council said it was very excited when Dr. Cassell intervened to sponsor the children of the late Liberia Revenue Authority Employees Madam Gifty Lama and Albert Peters who were mysteriously killed by carbon-monoxide in a parked vehicle on Broad-Street in 2020, according to an investigative report by the Government of Liberia.

NACSUL also expressed belief that the commitment by Dr. Daniel E. Cassell to offer the Children of these fallen Liberians scholarship to continue their education both at secondary and University levels is an initiative that will forever be recorded in History, least to say his personal assistances being provided through the  Dr. Cassell Charity Foundation to pay the school fees of less unfortunate Liberians including a single mother, who recently received a cash payment for her son’s tuition as one of his many goodwill gestures towards alleviating poverty among Liberians.

NACSUL said it also observed that as part of efforts to identify the needs of the Liberian people, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell and team has recently embarked on a community visitation tour to get first-hand information on the difficulties faced by the people and at the same time implementing community based projects for the benefit of the citizenry.

Besides, the National Civil Society Union of Liberia (NACSUL) has continuously followed the activities of Dr. Daniel E. Cassell whose intent is to provide better livelihood for the Liberian people and buttress government’s efforts in lifting Liberians from abject poverty since his return to Liberia from the United States of America as part of his personal contributions to the society.

Having catalogued the many contributions of this humanitarian to the society, NACSUL was recently shock by Facebook publications referring to him as a “fake humanitarian” and an American citizen whose loyalty is to America and desperately wanting to be President of Liberia.”

“NASCUL believes, the two Liberian Journalists, Charles Yates and Rufus Paul, did not do well as per the ethics of good journalism which every media practitioner must uphold in the performance of his/her duty, the statement said.

In their recent negative propaganda perpetrated against Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, Yates and Paul to have continuously besmeared the reputation of this kind-hearted individual who have worked very hard in the USA to acquire his money and in return decided to contribute to his people back home will be misconstrued or misrepresented by these individuals who should have received clarity through a phone-call to the office of Dr. Cassell or use the Freedom of Information Law to satisfy their desire.

The National Civil Society Union of Liberia (NACSUL) through its Executive Council calls on these two Journalists to desist from tarnishing the reputation of Dr. Daniel E. Cassell on Social Media who many Liberians believed and have trusted has come at the right time to save the Country from total collapse.

NACSUL at the same time calls on the President of the Press Union of Liberia, Mr. Charles B. Coffey, Jr. and his corps of officials to immediately intervene in ensuring that members of the Union remain professional in their reportage so as to avoid bringing this noble institution to public disrepute.

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