Morally Bankrupt, Conspicuously Corrupt -Dr. Lester Tenny Describes Liberia; says selfishness ruining Nation

By Stephen G Fellajuah

The Vice President of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), Dr. Lester Tenny, has described Liberia as a sick country, morally bankrupt, conspicuously corrupt that needs urgent intention to get on par with other countries.

The NOCAL VP indicated that years back Liberia was the second fastest growing economy in the world next to Japan, but today Japan is providing grants to Libera to build roads and boost other sectors of the country, while Liberia lags behind in development, all due to selfishness on the part of Liberians.

Dr. Lester Tenny made the statement Saturday July 3, 2021 in Monrovia when he delivered the Keynote address at the 1st graduation ceremony of D-7 Skills Training Center (DSSTC), where over 350 youths received certificates in various vocations.

“We are where we are because we have been selfish to one another. Who can we trust to rescue this country,” Dr. Tenny wondered, pointing out that “over the years, we have seen different governments come and go, all claiming to change the narrative of our land, only to reflect a bigger problem after they have left.”

Every government that comes to power in the country, Dr. Tenny averred, creates a bigger problem than its predecessor. “This is the reality in Liberia today. Liberia is a country where poverty and inequality still persists.”

Speaking on the Theme “Breaking the barrier of poverty and escaping from the cruel hands of unemployment”, Professor Tenny maintained that the theme reflects the nature of the Liberian society, and said It is selfishness that has the country where it is, saying “We want everything for ourselves that we exploit others even on their dying bed.”

The Liberian educator pointed out that politicians when they need the votes of the people show love by providing some convenient amenities to the community, but after they have looted the state coffers, they erect a school building and call it a university.

Because of corruption and bad governance in Liberia, Dr. Tenny expounded that Sierra Leone is far better in human development and Guinea has a better economy than Liberia while Ivory Coast and Ghana have become dream lands for Liberians.

The NOCAL executive however said until “we acknowledge that we are poor, selfish and corrupt and point out the problems that will set the basis of attempting to find solutions and stop pretending that everything is in the right direction, Liberia will continue to miss the mark of progress”.

He also asserted that the churches are suppressing their members by reneging on empowering their membership and making them self-sufficient and independent to be able to live out of poverty. According to him, Liberia can only rise to a new level when the citizens show love for one another, saying that the love that will transform an individual to be self-sufficient, self-sustaining, is the kind of love Christ preached about.

Dr. Tenny extolled the Emmanuel Dahn Foundation for the initiative in providing career development training for hundreds of young people in several communities. He further urged the graduates to go forth and practicalize the knowledge they have acquired and impact the society\

“The love that will not be facilitated as the result of any motive, a man that will choose not to give handout but to provide skills that will elevate the livelihood and independence of the Liberian populace.

“A love that will empower your fellow men to be independent and have self-dignity by earning income from what they have acquired through your Initiatives,” Dr. Tenny expounded.

Making remarks, the Founder and Executive Director of the D7 Skills Training Center, Mr. Emmanuel Dahn, overwhelmed with excitement, said he was proud to see hundreds of young people from different backgrounds, families and communities being certificated in different disciplines.

Quoting one of former US President John F. Kennedy famous quotes, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, Mr. Dahn said if he can help to make the livelihood of somebody better, then his living is not in vain.

Recounting his struggling days when he couldn’t afford school fees and transportation to go school, Mr. Dahn said perseverance pushed him to reach his goal, as he is now a conduit of helping others become independent in the country.

“Today I send you into the world, go and make an impact and help somebody. Thanks to all of you who made it to the end, this is just the beginning. Continue to persevere and follow your dream so that the world will appreciate you for that”, the former Montserrado County District #7 Representative candidate urged the graduating youth.

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