“Momentum Building Up For CPP”- Wisner -Cummings Begins Tour of Mont. District #1 Today

MONROVIA – A member of the Steering Committee of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. George Wisner, says a huge momentum is building up for the collaboration in recent times wherein other political parties have shown strong enthusiasm to join the CPP as the only viable alternative to democratically unseat President George Manneh Weah, just as CPP standard bearer Alexander B. Cummings begins his tour of district #1, Montserrado County today, Wednesday, November 2, 2022.

Speaking on the OK FM 99.5 Morning Rush Live phone in program yesterday, Tuesday, November 1, 2022, Mr. Wisner said the momentum is not just from one angle but across the broad spectrum of the polity and a vivid picture of it all will be shown when Cummings embarks on his tour of District #1, Montserrado County.

“The number of people that have been approaching the CPP in recent times has been wonderful. The momentum, the enthusiasm out there has been unbelievable. Some political parties are reaching out and we are discussing with some political parties and at some level, we will disclose the outcome to the people.

“The real issues are in the communities and the people are coming out to say what is on their mind. They are angry, they are hungry and speaking out. People in communities are not just speaking out about themselves, but about the future of their children who should be in school, who should have jobs, who should have the opportunities to make their lives better.

“The people were also excited that they were hearing about the CPP, not any individual political party. They see CPP as the only hope for the people and will rally around it to defeat Mr. Weah in 2023”, he said.

Commenting on the setting up of the recent steering committee to manage the presidential bid of Mr. Cummings, he said the committee intend to build the infrastructure necessary to ensure a resounding victory for Mr. Cummings. The committee, he noted, comprises credible people who have what it takes to deliver victory to Cummings in 2023, while making a quick clarification that it was not a campaign committee because the National Election Commission has not officially declared any campaign reason. He said that the committee is to develop the work plan, strategy and operational roadmap to lead the way for a successful electoral return in 2023 in favor of Cummings.

Responding to a follow up question whether the appointment of some of the people on the committee with alleged ugly past was not a contradiction to Cummings assertion of doing things differently, Wisner who maintains that he still remains a member of the Unity Party but supports Cummings said there are some misconceptions around what Cummings really meant and it was high time they get to understand what Cummings actually meant.

“Cummings was clear on this: that if we must move the country forward, our governance should change, our approach to policy should change. Mr. Cummings has never said he is going to rule people from Mars. In fact, if he had said that, he would have not been in the CPP. There has been some fundamental misunderstanding of what Mr. Cummings said”, he said, stressing that a Cummings Presidency will end corruption, nepotism and the wave of incompetency in the public service.

Expanding further, he said a Cummings Presidency will restore the honor and dignity of the country to the extent the international image of the country will be repaired.

“It will also consolidate our democracy by strengthening our institutions that should be able to drive growth and development. Those systems that have been dismantled by the Weah government, whether they are our integrity institutions, whether they are our integrity institutions, whether they are our monetary institutions, whether investment institutions, he is going to make sure that they are strengthened to perform the duty for which they were created, to make sure that the public sector strives to spur growth and prosperity”, he said.

Mr. Wisner, also speaking on how Cummings will combat corruption, said the CPP standard bearer believes that anything about fighting corruption must start with the leadership because everything rises and falls on the nation, stressing that if President Weah had not taken the first 100 days in office to be tearing down houses to build houses, his friends in government would not have started to amass wealth.

The former Executive Director of the National Investment Commission under the leadership of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf also said that Cumming believes that the reinforcement of the rule of law without respect of person is very critical as a deterrent against those who indulge in corruption.

He scolded the government’s harmonization policy for being retrogressive since it “took away the salaries of the civil servants and made them poorer such that instead of salaries going up, they came downward.

On the possible running mate pick by Cummings, Wisner said the CPP leader is consulting widely based on the standards he has set for his running mate to have, which include but not limited to a person who will complement the presidency that will be ready on day one because a vice president is a heartbeat away from the president; must have the credibility with the Liberian people that will square up with the citizenry; someone who believes in his vision and that of the country, among others.

He said there was no way President Weah is going to make it back to the Executive Mansion in 2023 because he has lost every support that he enjoyed in 2017 that got him to the presidency, adding that the president should have listened to the people and done their work for which he was elected.

“He has lost out on every goodwill he got from the people in 2017 to become President. This time around they have seen his incompetence to lead this country and the people are resolved to vote him out in 2023”, Wisner said.

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