MoE Threatens Administrative Actions -For Exorbitant Tuition and Uniform Fees

As part of alleviating hardship and financial constrain on parents regarding the alarming exorbitant tuition and uniform fees being charged by some school authorities across the country, the Ministry of Education has, with immediate effect, mandated all school authorities to immediately desist from such excessive fees imposed on the struggling masses thereby denying our youthful population from acquiring quality and affordable education.

An Education Ministry release says fees charged in the information sheet regarding the school should commensurate with the quality of facilities in the school, taking into consideration the present economic reality.

Henceforth, the Ministry of Education is instructing schools involved immediately abolish the compulsory sales of uniforms on their various campuses. Education environment is meant for imparting and developing the capacity of our upcoming generation and not marketing uniforms and acting as business for profiteering, the release said.

The release said Ministry is therefore advising all schools involved in this practice to immediately halt such practices and begin to only display the sample of the uniforms on their bulletin for students’ consumption.

“As of this directive, no school in the Republic of Liberia should mandate students and/or parents to compulsorily buy uniforms from the school. Students and parents purchasing uniform from the various schools should be optional and not compulsory.”

The Ministry sounded a note of caution, saying: “According to the reform act 2011 chapter 9.1g on financing education states that tuition and fees charged by private and faith-based schools shall be in accordance with the guidelines established by the Ministry of Education”. Consequently, school administrators that will ignore this directive and do business as usual will be dealt with administratively.

However, the Ministry of Education is calls on all parents, guardians, sponsors and the student populace to report any act contrary to this directive by calling the following numbers for immediate intervention1416, 0777212197, 0777510603.

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