MOE Cautions Against Student-Teachers’ Intimacy Frowns on Students Labor in G’ Gedeh County

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.                                           

The Ministry of Education has warned schools’ principals in Grand Gedeh County against the use of students to work on their farms as a reward for grades especially the female student as sex mates. The Ministry said such practice, the ministry said, is detrimental to the reformation of the country’s educational sector.

Education Minister, Professor Dao Ansu Sonii said any teacher caught in such act against students to be used on their farms or sex slaves will be dealt with in line with best practices which will serve as a caveat to would be culprits of such act.

Prof. Sonii also indicated that any teacher caught in any form of intimacy with students will be dismissed immediately and license revoked and to ensure that the teacher faces a ‘never to return’ to the classroom penalty within the country’s educational sector.

Minister Sonii cautioned teachers following during his official tour to seven counties of Liberia at which time he held series of town hall meetings with school authorities of the Grand Gedeh County and others in order to ascertain that some of the problems confronting the counties’ schools system.

At one of his meetings in Grand Gedeh County, Minister Sonii was informed that the county’s school system has been operating without educational board since the county was established in 1964; a situation which he said is reportedly responsible for the slow pace of the school system in the county.

The Minister of Education, after been informed that the county’s school system has been operating in the absence of a board expressed disappointment and then ordered the heads of the county school system to institute the county school board to run the day to day activities effectively.

Minister Sonii told those who were appointed as members of the Grand Gedeh County School board to act responsibly in their work in the best interest of the country to promote quality education in Liberia’s educational sector.

He noted that anyone who failed to live up to their terms of reference as member of the board will be removed from position and replaced with immediate effect.

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