Mo Ali Slams Weah’s Trip -Says Journey Wasteful, non-beneficial

MONROVIA – A former Secretary General of the former ruling Unity Party(UP), Mohammed Ali, has taking a swipe at the ongoing foreign trip of President George Manneh Weah, terming it a wasteful spending of taxpayers money that will not be beneficial to the country and its people but he and his other government officials who are having fine time abroad.

The staunch member of UP said there was a need for the President to be called on his negligence towards the country, adding “he’s out of the country with tens of government officials on false claims and using taxpayers money for such jolly jolly.

He picked holes in the claims by the President about the Paris Peace Forum which necessitated his trip to Paris, France where the President said the forum ran from November 9-15 but posting the official links about the forum , Ali said the event actually a two day event which ran from Friday to Saturday, November 11-12, 2022

“The President claimed in his second letter that the Paris Peace Forum was extended from the previous of November 11-12, 2022 to November 15-18, 2022. Our research has provided no proof that any extension was made to the Paris Peace Forum. Well maybe the government can provide some documentation that the conference was extended.

“Even in the Paris Peace Forum wrap-up the organizers reiterated the duration of the conference, November 11-12, 2022. The World Cup opened on November 20, 2022. Why would President Weah have to get to Doha on November 15, 2022?  Even if he did need that lead time to be there, the opening was the 20th and his son played on November 21, 2022.  Why does he have to stay in Qatar until November 30th? To watch Tim Weah play the rest of the games”, Mo Ali said

The UP strong man said in his deliberations on a local radio station, Okfm with host Julius Jeh, he succinctly outlined the president’s itinerary as an earlier announcement of his trip on the emansion website where it had stated clearly that he (Pres. Weah) was going out of the country for one month and a half.

“That post was immediately taken down when we raised concerns that the president was going out of the country for 48 days. Here is what is said: Liberia – Morocco, Morocco – Egypt , Egypt – France, France – QatarQatar – France France – America 

Mo Ali maintained that the President and his team knew all along that he was going out of the country for 48 days but “they all decided to lie deliberately because we raised genuine concerns”. 

“If we had a legislature dominated by serious people, this is clearly an impeachable offense. But in Liberia, they are only begging Finance Minister Tweah to pay their salaries and gas. 

“2023 here we come!!”, he concluded.

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