MILLS JONES BACK IN MOVEE -As party reverses Kemayah committee’s suspension

The opposition Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) has condemned what it terms as the unwarranted action of the Kemayah-led National Executive Committee, which it says in no shape or form represented the views of the rank and file of the membership of MOVEE to have misrepresented to the public that the Party had suspended the membership of its illustrious Political Leader in person of Dr. J. Mills Jones.

Speaking at the news conference through its National Chairman, Dan Tarkamanwon Saryee, the Movement for Economic Empowerment says: “As far as the Partisans are concerned, the purported suspension of Dr. Jones is a figment of the imagination of subordinates who were bent on advancing their own personal interest. Therefore, the National Convention at its just ended Second National Convention distances the party from the actions of the Kemayah-led National Executive Committee in suspending Dr. Jones.  Accordingly, the National Convention expresses sincere apology to Dr. Jones, his Wife and Children; and with immediate effect instructs the new National Executive Committee (NEC) under the leadership of the party’s National Chairman, Mr. Dan Torkamawon Saryee, Sr.

Mr. Saryee further indicated that among other decisions taken at the party’s convention, the party’s national Convention consisting of over three hundred (300) partisans, reviewed and amended few provisions of the MOVEE’s 2016 By-Laws and Constitution and elected fifteen (15) national officers. They also endorsed the party’s National Executive Committee decision to take legal action against partisans and former partisans who absconded with party assets; endorsed and reaffirmed the National Executive Committee (NEC) May 25, 2020 Resolution that expelled Mr. Robert M. Sammie from the party; endorsed the decision of the National Executive Committee to withdraw MOVEE’s support to the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and form collaboration with the Rainbow Alliance and voted to remove Mr. Dee Maxwell Saah Kemayah as Political Leader of the party.

Touching on series of trending national issues, Chairman Saryee frowned on what he describes as poor governance of the Liberian State by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Government; naming the creation of 1 million jobs for young people, the Eboma deal, the French and the UAE investments, the Bali Island Conference Center as failed promises from the government. He blasted successive governments, including the recent UP Administration of not doing much to set the economy in an irreversible motion, which has led to growing unemployment and vulnerability, widespread poverty and hunger, inequalities, declining level of human security among others.

Giving the party’s position on the printing of new family of banknotes, MOVEE described Liberian Dollars as an ‘economic decision’ that requires deeper scrutiny. They called for the core issues relative to the public’s lack of confidence in the banking sector, lack of accountability of the LD$4 Billion printed in the middle of the 2020 Mid-term Senatorial Elections, and the lack of a clear roadmap from the Central Bank on the transparent management system to weed out the old notes cast dark cloud over the process to be addressed.

Finally, MOVEE urges Liberians to see the Rainbow Alliance as the best alternative to provide national leadership as the 2023 General & Presidential elections approach.


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