Midwives get refresher training in Nimba

About 45 local midwives are undergoing a weeklong midwifery skills sharing and refresher training workshop at the County health center in Sanniquellie, Nimba County.

The training is organized by Life for African Mothers (LFAM), a non for profit and non-governmental organization; aims are to reduce maternal mortality in Sub-Sahara Africa.

The training which started Tuesday March 5, 2019 is expected to climax on Friday March 8, 2019 and is focused on normal labour, shock, obstructed labour, pre-eclampsia & eclampsia. Other part of the training includes obstetric emergencies, sepsis, post-partum haemorrhage and care of the new born.

The Country Director of Life for African Mothers (LFAM), Abdul Bah commended the health team of the county for the coordination and applauded the trainers for coming to Liberia to train midwives.

Director Bah acknowledged the challenges faced by the midwives in Liberia in performing their duties, promised to work with them in other capacity to make their work as more lives saving. He added that the workshop is an effort to support the government of Liberia efforts in revamping the health sector of the country.

Life for African Mothers is an international charity group which has trained over 250 midwives over the years.
The organization is working to address the tragedy and injustice to women who die every year in pregnancy and childbirth.

“I am very much confident that you guys learned a new skill, as you are go back to your working sites, I just want to admonish you to share the knowledge you’re your colleagues who did not go for the training for the system to benefits,” he concluded.

Four United Kingdom’s midwives arrived in the country late last week to through the invitation of LFAM to conduct the training, they include, Jillian Helen Monro-Lawrence, Rachel Murray, Robyn Morris and Esther Mitchell.

They expressed commended the midwives for attending the program, which they believe will sharpen their midwifery skills.

According to statistics, over 303,000 women die every year from complications in child-birth which occur mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa. 99% of all these deaths are avoidable with the right medical care and resources. According to them parents should be happy when they are about to give birth, there should be no hinder to worry them.-Press release.

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