Message is Clear? “Montserrado for CDC” – Morlu Envisages Tsunami Victory for Paulita, Kamara

When the Council of Patriots locked down Central Monrovia during their save the state protest on June 7, it was conceived that all hopes for the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) dissipated and support in future election evaporate not until Friday, June 21, 2019 when the ruling party paraded tumultuous crowds of partisans, supporters and well-wishers proving to the world that CDC, despite of the woes ascribed to the government has legitimate mandate that is even solidified in the face of massive local and international criticisms. Now that the 2019 by-elections in Montserrado County have proven massive support evident by the massive turnout of crowd that could be equated to an overzealous of several thousands people that signal a political tsunami at the polls,  the Party’s Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu exclaimed: “The masses once again confirmed their support to the people’s struggle. The message is clear that the Montserrado Senatorial seat belongs to the CDC.” The ANALYST’s Reporter Rancy Tewia has followed the Friday events and reports.

The Chairman of the CDC Mr., Morlu Jr. speaking to the mammoth CROWDS OF partisans that turned out in support of the campaign rally for the Montserrado County Senatorial bid and the candidacy of Abu Kamara for the representative seat of Montserrado County Electoral District #5  said with the spaces at the CDC Compound and even with the Sycamore Stadium swallowed up due to “the exceptionally huge convergence of our people we’re now organizing a back-to-the districts ‘Thank You’ Tour of  Montserrado, as we prepare for the CDC’s Massive July 6th official campaign closing program in Gardnersville, TUSA FIELD, MONROVIA.”

Morlu indicated that with this great momentum, the CDC‘s July 6, 2019 campaign closing rally will be a revolutionary campaign closure as the ruling party expects multitudes to converge on Gardnersville, from every part of Monrovia.

Thanking to the partisans that turned out for the political rally, Mr. Morlu pointed out that it was not about a show of supremacy, but a normal by-election campaign rally effortlessly organized in support of Madam Paulita Cece Wie for the Montserrado Senatorial seat and Mr. Abu B. Kamara for the seat of District #15.

“Even so, in enthusiastic support, you broke your own (past) record, turning this event into the biggest by-election rally ever in the history of the Republic. Hence, by this historic construct, you involuntarily mocked as Child’s Play, past presidential campaigns of the opposition,” Morlu asserted.

Truly, he maintained, this unprecedented gathering establishes President Weah as governing on a mandate (by far) more popular today than when he first became President, he said.”

The thanked the tripartite Coalition for Democratic Change, the NEC, aand those he referred to as “the Montserrado Chapter, the Revolutionary National Youth & Women Leagues, the party’s National Auxiliaries Network, District Coordinators, Zonal Heads, amongst others.

The rally was characterized by dances to various political slogans and music amidst battle cries, etc.

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