McGill Rebukes Porcupine Movement’s Accuser -Denies Knowing Alleged “Sheeky”

MONROVIA – Against a social media post from a facebook user, Queen Johnson who alleged that a man commonly known as “Sheeky” reportedly caught with a gun on the Jallah Town road was a driver of the Porcupine Movement, the former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel Farlo McGill, the principal of the Porcupine Movement has not only denied knowing “Sheeky” but also categorically stated the institution is not a military organization, but rather a social Movement.

Mr. McGill who was sharply reacting to the insinuation by the social media post knowing the negative implications it may have on the organization, especially so when it has been in the vanguard to galvanize massive support towards his senatorial bid in Margibi County, strongly condemned the post and denied knowing the “Sheeky” fellow and added that in fact none of the membership of the Porcupine Movement had ever handled a gun before.

In the said post being referenced, the lady, Queen Johnson, wrote, “This guy by the name of Sheeky was arrested last night on the Jallah Town road, he sells Used Cars and he is also the driver of Nathaniel McGill Porcupine Unit. This is so sad”.

The former Minister’s reaction according to some observers was necessary to douse the negative implications the post may have had on the movement though the accuser did not give any other concrete information to substantiate her claims.

“This is a political season and you don’t relax when sweeping statements are made against you. Any attempt not to react or swiftly respond to some of these things makes the public believe that what is put in the public against you is true. Mr. McGill did the right thing to respond to the allegation. It is left with the lady now to prove her allegation”, a regular commentator on the polity who decided not to be named in the media said last night.

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