McGill Rebukes Fake Facebook & WhatsApp Accounts -Says: “We’re working to take them down”

MONROVIA –  Even before declaring his intention to contest a senatorial seat in the upcoming presidential and legislative elections, former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel Falo McGill had been hounded by unscrupulous individuals that used his name and profile to solicit monies from unsuspecting Liberians, mainly for jobs, a situation that McGill is on record for always alerting the public. But it seems the 2023 senatorial aspirant’s cup has overflowed, given what he has described as attempts by his detractors to create fake social media accounts with the view of smearing his name and injuring his thriving political career.

“We are working to ensure that those pages are taken down,” McGill ensure last evening through a post on his official Facebook Account where he disclosed the existence and proliferation of fake accounts created in his name with his photos by some faceless individuals who have criminal intents.

“Please be informed that there are fake Facebook and WhatsApp accounts being opened in my name. The contents on those pages do not represent my person. We are working to ensure that those pages are taken down,” McGill stated emphatically.

In line with its reportorial duties, The Analyst conducted several background checks on some of the pages, and it was glaring that those behind the fake accounts are using the actual photos and other information about McGill to portray the authenticity of their fake profiles.

It was also established that the purveyors of the alternate Nathaniel Falo McGill account are actually using these profiles to perpetuate various kinds of criminal activities such as fraudulent solicitation of monies in exchange for favors, which would seem as if the requests are coming from Mr. McGill.

Thorough investigations into the fake also depicted postings of inciting statements alluding to the launch of attacks on high profile individuals in the country, that may cause chaos and disharmony in the country.

The Analyst checks also showed that the real and authentic profile of McGill bears his name: “Hon. Nathaniel F. McGill” with a profile photo of McGill sporting a red T-Shirt, a red cap and a pair of light blue jeans trousers walking majestically with supporters behind him. McGill’s official Facebook cover photo also shows him donning a white shirt, a red necktie and a navy-blue jacket which has faint lines of white colors and an inscription of year 2023, as well as the flag of Margibi County and Team McGill.

The clarification from the senatorial hopeful of Margibi County was greeted with mixed reactions, with majority of the people expressing dismay and wondering why would people be that evil to craft a sinister plan against an innocent person.

“You need to be careful Mr. McGill. You have a lot of people who want to see you fall to the ground and they don’t want to see anything good coming for you” said Jerry M Fahnbulleh Jr; while Alfred Togbah lambasted those behind the act: “This is bad politics. Why create pseudo accounts to defame a person? Total nonsense.”

“But the man is not begging you to believe. It is just to inform the public that there are fake accounts in his name. Thank you”, said Thomas Mannah, in response to someone who had said he had less concern in the situation, though acknowledging that it was criminal to do that against McGill.

While there has been rave comments from a lot people to express displeasure on the wave of social media fraud executed against McGill, others have called on him to immediately create some safeguards that would stop individuals from creating fake accounts in the name of prominent individuals like himself.

“My candid advice to the Honorable man is for him to create a verified account on social media which will clearly show the difference between the real account that he operates and the fake ones being created and operated by faceless individuals with sinister motives, otherwise he should be prepared to always issue rebuttals especially now that he is in the race for the senatorial seat in Margibi next year,” Armah Zito Quiah III, a Cyber Security expert maintains

It can be recalled that McGill sometime ago raised the alarm of some individuals using his name and position to defraud people using various means and had put the public on alert to be wary of those people. It has not been reported if any arrest was made, thus heightening concerns among his supporters , associates and well wishers on how best to combat this dangerous trend.

The action taken by him so far to ensure that those accounts are brought down will go a long way in minimizing if not eradicating this scourge on his name and reputation.

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