McGill Rallies Margibians for President Weah

MONROVIA: The chemistry of the political machinery driving the re-election bid of President George Manneh Weah came to the fore on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, when the former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel Farlo McGill put up one of his best elements when he told the people of Margibi County to narrow their choice in the ensuing general election to the President “so he will take us to the new Liberia, to the Promised Land”

Mr. McGill made the clarion call at a well-attended citizen engagement program where President Weah made a passionate appeal to the people of Margibi to vote him during the pending general election where he is seeking re-election as his tenure draws to an end.

The immensely endowed politician who has the singular honor of being the only Chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change who led the party to take state power in 2017, said that it was high time Liberians should stop confusing themselves with making choice from among a multiplicity of candidates who are contesting against President Weah because “none of them has what it takes to lead this country to where our President is taking us”

“So we want to tell the opposition to wait. Wait for 2029 where we could make the decision what could happen but for now just wait for President Weah to do his 12 years and take us to the new Liberia, the Promised Land he wants to take the country.

“Wait, I don’t know why you are so eager, I say wait. You had 12 years, but you did not do anything tangible and you want to abort this process, we are too smart for you.

“The President is into this race not because of himself but because of us. We are talking about the young people who don’t have the opportunities to go to school then but whose future can now be secured with what the President has done and what he still intends to do for the country”, McGill said amidst cheers from the crowd.

Cautioning the citizens not to take a gamble on someone who has not got the experience and dexterity to lead and take a decision in time crisis, McGill, in apparent reference to former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, the leading contender against President Weah, said there is a big difference between serving as a VP for 12 years and someone who has led the country as President for almost 6 years “because of the complexity in the critical decision making process the President must take in time of crisis”

He said experimenting the office for someone who does not have the experience for the presidency which is a herculean task will spell disaster for the country, comparing it to a story of a mere passenger who thinks he can pilot a plane in flight, taking a swipe at Mr. Boakai, likening him to the passenger.

“You don’t have the experience, just like someone who served for 12 years as VP, whose only work was to recognize someone in session to speak or not to speak.

“Then you say you want to remove the pilot, the man who has been leading the country for close to 6 years now? The complexity of being a President is not the same as being a VP.

“When you are VP for 12 years you do not know how to solve complex problem such as when the nation has crisis, you have no idea”, he said.

McGill who formerly served under President Weah for a little over 4 years and now a candidate for the senate under the platform of the CDC said he did not to be seen as someone who was there to praise the President but he knows that the President stands for and what he has in store for the country to change the development trajectory of the country.

He said the task of building Margibi can only be executed by people who have the county at heart and who will be close to the leadership of the country such that the county will have all reasons to blame them if the county does not have what it should have to change the lives of the people.

“Mr. President I can’t praise you but what I told you all Margibians and which I will continue to tell you is for the new Margibi we want to build, don’t blame the President when things are not going the right way.

“I told them that if the President does not build your new roads, hold me responsible, if the President does not rebuild the CH Rennie Hospital, hold me responsible.

“I told you that as your senator who will be working with the VP who is the President of the senate and also working with the President that I know very well, everything will be possible”, he said.

The senatorial hopeful while prevailing on the citizens to turn out and vote the president massively, highlighted some positive attributes of the President which he said were developed down the line while he was growing up and which have also shaped his perspective of seeing life as a giver.

“Mr. President you made emphasis that the new Liberia you want to build and as a child growing up in Gibraltar, you don’t want any Liberian child to go through it.

“You have to go in the ghetto to pick emptied bottles and sell to go to school but when you took over, the first decision you took was to make education free at public higher institutions in the country.

“Mr President you know my story how some of us used to beg for scholarship to go to school but you said no one will ever beg for scholarship again, that the country will take the responsibility so that the young people will go to school and prepare themselves for a better future”, he said .

He said the second term of the President will see a lot of interventions for the young people especially in the area of education, adding “there is a WASSCE payment initiative but I can tell you that come the next academic year, there will be no fee for high school students in the country”.

He then urged the citizens to turn out and vote the President in the first round as going to the second round will cost the government a lot of money which he put at $105m, a huge amount that will divert the government’s attention from looking at some critical sectors of the country such as rebuilding the CH Rennie Hospital.

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