McGill Challenges Cummings to a Debate -CPP Spokesman Gould Replies: “Cummings will Debate Weah, Not McGill”

MONROVIA – The presiding Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties and political leader of the Alternative National Congress seemed to have stirred a hornet’s nest within the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change when he delivered a stinging indictment of the CDC standard bearer and Liberian president George M. Weah a  fortnight ago. Coming hot on the heels of a violent mob attack in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County against Mr. Cummings and his delegation that had traveled on a tour of the Southeast, the CPP Chairman accused President Weah of carelessly and selfishly abandoning Liberians and Liberia, while bleeding the country by his bad examples.

“President Weah is encouraging a few of his friends to generate and display wealth they did not have, and were not able to declare, before assuming public offices,” Mr. Cummings enjoined, noting that rather than President Weah investing in making young Liberians productive and ready to lead the country into a better and brighter future, this government is investing in militarizing them, inciting them to violence, and teaching them that it is acceptable to lie, steal, cheat, be dishonest, and intolerant of others.

Nathaniel Farlo McGill is President Weah’s Chief of Staff and Minister of State for Presidential Affairs. Weeks following Mr. Cummings charge against President Weah, Mr. McGill has now taken to social media in a colloquialized declaration against Mr. Cummings, challenging the CPP chairman to a national debate on the president’s performance.

“I want to challenge the opposition chairperson to a debate. Let’s go to a debate; let’s be very civil, respect each other, let’s go to a debate. It’s an open challenge to Mr. Cummings to a debate on the president’s performance, and let’s discuss,” a visibly incensed McGill declared.

“He must not bring no paper. He must not let anybody to write for him. I want challenge his IQ on governance. I ain’t say he must bring Coca Cola trade. Am talking about running government.     Because you not sit in the chair, you not understand how to run government, you just talk. Some of the things he talking, he think that small children talk! He think to run government is to sit down in one corporate office? We talking about real politics where you confronted with the people’s problem. We not talking about corporate problem where you  just make decision,  bossman tell you say do this, people run to Coca Cola factory, everything happening, you not part of the manufacturing, other people doing production you just sitting down there…when you ask how many money they make the people give it you,” Minister McGill fumed.

Continuing, McGill said: “You not even know how the people make Coca Cola. We not talking about that. We talking about running government. The system doesn’t work for you. You got to make the system work. So I want to challenge him. I want to challenge him to an open debate. Let’s sit down and discuss the government and let me ask him, well the president said this and the president didn’t do it,”

Surprisingly, CPP Spokesperson and Chairman Emeritus of the Alternative National Congress, Mr. Orishall Lafayette Gould, has taken up McGill’s challenge, but under a different and proper format.

“Mr. Cummings is happy to debate President Weah anytime and anywhere about this government’s records and governance. He will not debate McGill, a taciturn who does not measure up in experience neither competence nor authority. McGill accomplished nothing before assuming his current role and has accomplished nothing even now. The President himself had no experience or success running anything and that is being shown to the Liberian people today. Rice, fuel, all basic products are more expensive today than when the President took over. Unemployment is higher, companies have left. Most Liberians are worse off today than when this President took over, yet the President is much wealthier today. That is what Mr. Cummings would like to debate with President Weah and not McGill. Hence, we accept to debate with President Weah, not McGill,” Mr. Gould stated emphatically in response to Mr. McGill’s open challenge to the CPP chairman.

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