MCC Benefits Four Pickups -Donation from ATS & GT Bank

By: Rancy S. Teewia

The All Terrain Services (ATS) in collaboration with GT Bank Liberia has made a donation of four double-cabin pickups to the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC). The presentation was done on Friday, April 5, 2019 at the Monrovia City Hall, during the prior to the Saturday launch of MCC City Ordinance Campaign in Monrovia.
During the presentation ceremony, the management of ATS in collaboration with the GT Bank expressed satisfaction with plan to launch city ordinance aimed at cleaning the City of Monrovia, and said they are willing to support the Monrovia City Corporation to the fullest in order to have a clean and healthy city.
Receiving the donation, Monrovia City Corporation Mayor Jefferson Koijee extended his thanks and appreciations to the two partners for the immense donation to the corporation and remarked that his administration will introduce a new system which is the GPS for monitoring of the vehicles.
Mayor Koijee said the City Corporation has embarked on enforcing the Weah for Clean City campaign that was launched months back by the president himself, which he said was aimed at keeping Monrovia clean. Based on this reason they consulted the president to launch the Weah for Clean City Campaign, admonishing residents to get involved in the management of their own waste.
Mayor Koijee accentuated, “Monrovia City is challenge when it comes to development such as roads and other needs. And if we demonstrate efforts to obtain a clean and green safe city, Liberians can assure their partners and international friends that Monrovia can be a place of safe environment and a clean city for tourism.”
He emphasized that the MCC will rely on the Liberia National Police (LNP) as a backup for the enforcement of city ordinance in order to have a clean city, adding that other cities that are clean around the world never got clean because the mayor succeeded, but it was done by the collective works and through the collaborative efforts of the citizens of those cities.
Also speaking at the ceremony, LNP Inspector General, Col. Patrick Sudue said the police are willing to work along with MCC in order to enforce the city ordinance. He also said if you have a clean city, you will also have healthy citizens and healthy life, He furthered that the LNP will work diligently to protect the laws of ordinance.
Meanwhile, Mayor Koijee said he is graceful to the President of the Republic of Liberia, Dr. George Manneh Weah, for appointing him as head of the Monrovia City Corporation.
“The inhabitants of the City of Monrovia can do the same to have a cleaned city.” Based upon this reason, they launched the Weah for Clean City Campaign and acknowledged citizens to handle their waste responsibly.
“This is the reason the MCC was able to contact a local company, the All Terrain Services, and they have begun to take charge of the process, to the extent that MCC now has an application called the Ducor Application.
“We are grateful that the Ministry of Finance has taken it serious and if that application process is properly scrutinized, it will eventually be used for the entire country that Liberia will now have its own application as the way of changing addresses in our country,” Mayor Koijee said, calling on media institutions and other institutions to promote the city ordinances in order to have a clean city.

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