May Witherspoon Rot in Prison

By: Atty. Isaac W. Jackson, Jr

Considering the rigidity of American jurisprudence coupled with Stanton Witherspoon’s slogan that “God can bless anyone, ” I was under the assumption that he was living in accordance with American and divine laws. And so, under this assumption, I interacted with him, and received from him $1,500 in August 2021 upon arriving in the USA.  Little did I know that Mr. Witherspoon was a dodgy character engaged in fraudulent activities, and using God’s name in vain to lure innocent people to him.

Now, as per the widely publicized criminal indictment against Witherspoon, it’s crystal clear that the fellow is an empty-headed con artist and, as such, I cannot in clean conscience benefit from his tainted “generosity”. Hence, I have decided to return his US$1,500. The Ria transfer slip is attached as evidence.

At this point, I request that lovers of truth insist and prevail upon Witherspoon to produce credible evidence to authenticate his outlandish claim that he financed my most recent trip to Liberia. It’s needless to say that a known criminal indictee is NOT a credible truthteller. Regrettably, there are those who are blowing smoke up at Witherspoon’s backside and hanging on his every word in the name of politics. It’s really pathetic!

Anyway, before I rush on to concluding this short piece, I must address the twisted and wacky suggestion by some of our demented friends on facebook that I needed to be grateful to Witherspoon for sharing with me some of his fraudulently obtained money. In the exchanges between Whiterspoon and me, which is now public knowledge, I expressed gratitude to him for sending me US$1500 in August 2021, believing that the money was fairly and honestly earned.

However, with the full knowledge now that Mr. Witherspoon obtained the money through fraudulent means, I cannot continue to be grateful to him. Consequently, I seriously feel letdown: retention of the amount would blemish my hard-earned reputation as a man of integrity.

You see, the first moral lesson we learned from our parents is not to steal or lie. Therefore, when a child steals to support his parents, he is condemned as a disgrace to his parents. No good parents would proudly accept stolen money from their child. Likewise, no good and decent wife will applaud her husband who steals to support her. Hence, as a decent God-fearing man, I cannot be grateful to Witherspoon for sharing with me his loot. In fact, I condemn Witherspoon in the strongest possible terms for defrauding the United States Government!   Pending trial, he should not have been bailed, but held in detention for putting thousands of American lives at risk. Witherspoon is a big disgrace!

To be honest, Witherspoon epitomizes the aphorism that a rogue got dry faced. Imagine, having been accused of committing Federal crimes, one would think that this despicable fellow would demonstrate some remorse; regrettably, he’s not doing so, rather he is routinely and shamelessly polluting the public discourse in Liberia with lies via his questionable Spoon TV Network. If great care is not taken to deprive some of these lying charlatans the oxygen of publicity, our country risks producing more worshipers of rogues and liars thereby not only debasing the quality of public discourse, but perpetuating and glorifying crimes and criminals.

The point is that, the fellow moral bankruptcy has no limits.  Imagine being accused by the most powerful country in the world for putting thousands of its citizens lives at risk by selling fake credentials to unqualified individuals! Stories of his infidelity are boundless. Hence, I do NOT want to have anything to do with this morally depraved, dry faced rogue. I pray that he (Witherspoon) rots in jail because he is not just a dangerous fraudster; he is a congenital liar. He is a bad example of most Liberians living in America who are trying to make it by honest and diligent means.

Finally, I wish to emphasize with crystal clarity that no level of filthy generosity will buy my critical stance on national issues. It is important to me to protect my integrity because the likes of Witherspoon would be happy to pull others down with him. Misery loves company, and lawless and irresponsible people like to blame others for their misadventures.

May Witherspoon rot in prison, alone!

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  1. Garsuah Gborvlehn says

    Yes, Mr. Isaac W. Jackson former Liberian Representative to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. That Stanton Witherspoon boy is too criminal minded. He is even more criminal minded than that other criminal calling himself Jerome J. Verdier.

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