Massive Transformation Comes to GSM Ecosystem -Orange Launches New Campaign for Financial, Digital Inclusion

MONROVIA – As part of its unique innovative package to be ahead of other players in the telecommunications sector of the economy, Orange Money on Saturday, June 1, 2024, launched an unprecedented novel campaign aimed at “accelerating financial and digital inclusion for all”, a strategic initiative which underscored the “company’s commitment to enhancing the accessibility and affordability of mobile financial services across the regions”

According to a press release issued by the leading player in the GSM market space, as part of the transformational campaign, Orange Money took a bold step by making all of its services completely free.

The release said, by eliminating fees on all transactions, except for a nominal 1% fee on cash-outs, “Orange Money is removing barriers that have traditionally hindered widespread adoption and use of mobile financial services”

Speaking during the well-attended event held at the Headquarters of the company, the CEO of Orange Money, Maxwell Dodd, emphasized that the goal is “to empower individuals and communities by providing them with easy access to essential financial tools”.

He said this initiative was designed to bridge the gap between underserved populations and the financial services they need to thrive in today’s digital economy.

According to our correspondent who attended the colorful event, there were three packages rolled out in the transformational campaign: “Free Transactions” which entail all money services, including transfers, bill payments, and mobile banking are now free of charge, the “Minimal Cash-Out Fee” which has it that only a mere 1% fee will be applied to the amount cashed out, ensuring affordability while maintaining service sustainability and “Same agent Commission Rate” which states that all agents continue to earn commission based on the old services charges.

The release further said Orange Money “ is dedicated to continuously innovating to meet the evolving needs of our customers; by making our services more accessible and affordable, we aim to drive significant progress in financial inclusion, particularly in underserved and rural areas”.

“Financial and digital inclusion are critical to fostering economic growth and development,” said Jean Marius Yao, Chairman  of Orange Money Liberia Board, “we believe that by removing the financial barriers to access, we can unlock opportunities for millions of people, helping them to achieve greater financial stability and independence.”

“We invite everyone to join us on this journey towards a more inclusive financial future. Whether you are a long-time customer or new to Orange Money, we are here to support your financial journey with reliable, affordable, and user-friendly services”, the release concluded.

In an exclusive interview held with The Analyst to give more insights of the program, Madam Marlu Angel Nyeka, the External Communication, Digital and Sponsorship Supervisor said as part of the massive outreach program to create awareness among its numerous customers and the citizens as a whole, a parade which included a roadshow was held on Saturday, June 1, 2024 which took the company through Sinkor, Congo Town, ELWA Junction , Redlight and back to Sinkor in an exciting atmosphere where the company distributed goodies among the thronging crowd that came out in their numbers to “show loyalty and love to the only company that has been responsive to their need and services needed for their comfort whether for business, social or family affairs”

“This initiative comes at the perfect time as many are feeling the strain of the current economic crisis,” said Marlu Angel Nyeka, External Communication, Digital and Sponsorship Supervisor. “By offering free services and minimal cash-out fees, we are providing great relief and support to our customers, ensuring they have the financial tools they need to navigate these challenging times.

“This is even great for our agents and super agents as well, as it does not affect the commissions of our agents and super agents. Their commissions remain the same. It is a win-win situation for all”, she explained.

In an independent assessment to get the feedback from some citizens across sectors and communities, The Analyst was able to gather that there was a positive response from the citizens who over the years benefited from such unparalleled services offered by Orange Money as well as those who said they are going to enlist themselves for the Orange Money services as subscribers after listening the testimonies of beneficiaries and what they themselves have seen and experienced about the Orange Money services.

“I thought it was a joke when I was told that I will have to pay just a 1% fee for cash-outs on the Orange Money transfer until my husband sent me LD100, 000.00 to pay for the last portion of our children school fees. The agent collected just LD1

, 000 and I could not believe it. I immediately called my husband and told him the good news and he told could not believe it. The noise I made in the community about this surprise package from Orange Money made many people to immediately enroll in the Orange money service and they have been coming back to me with testimonies”, Ma Sarah Tweh, a trader in Paynesville told The Analyst.

As for David Norton Kayee Sr, the payment of bills through the Orange Money was a relief for him as he has been using other platforms which have been expensive for him.

“This morning, I paid multiple bills through the Orange Money without any cost unbelievably to me and I am excited about it. I think they have a better business philosophy that everything does not have to be profit making but services to award loyalty to your customers while wooing other new customers as well as cushioning the effect of some economic realities across the board for the general citizenry.

Orange Money has done a great service not only to their customers but to the entire country,” David Norton Kayee Sr said during an interview conducted in the Redlight community last night.

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