Massive Reception Awaits Cummings in S/East -To Receive Blessings, Meet Citizens

MONROVIA: In appreciation for the election of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings as the Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), citizens of the Southeastern region of Liberia  are said to be planning a massive reception during the planned visit of Mr. Cummings to the region which includes Grand Gedeh, River Gee, Maryland, Sinoe, and Grand Kru Counties as well as mapping out strategies to ensure that Cummings emerges as winner of the October 10, 2023 general elections.

Disclosing the information about the planned visit, Mr. George Wisner, a top aide of the CPP leader said Mr. Cummings will embark upon the journey this weekend and will spend a week in the region where after his arrival formalities in his ancestral home of Karlowayu, Maryland County  will engage the citizens of Maryland County and then extend his visit to other counties in the region to explain to them his mission for the Presidency and the need to support the cause so as to win the ensuing general election.

“Mr. Cummings will be going back home. You will observe that some time ago Fixer 2 was in Buchanan where she was announced to her people and the public as the running mate to Mr. Cummings.

“Now Mr. Cummings will be going back home, going to where his father came from, precisely Karloway to pay respect to the people and inform them that he has been elected to the Standard bearership of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) to receive their blessings and then go on to meet the citizens of Maryland as well as other counties such River Gee, Grand Kru, Grand Gedeh, and Sinoe Counties to solicit their support towards the ensuing general election.

It is in line with our tradition that one goes home at time to visit your people, to pay respect to the people, appreciate them and seek their blessings in endeavors being undertaken. Mr. Cummings has done this before and he will continue to do it. He cherished his origin, the people, their tradition and culture and this visit is not just about telling his people about the election, his ambition and soliciting their support, but to appreciate his people as well as respecting the tradition which is paramount.

“So it is more like going back home to visit his family members, cousins, uncles, aunts, etc and also others of the region and reassuring them that CPP is poised to usher in a new day for the Southeast region”, he said.

Wisner who phoned in on a live program on the Truth FM Breakfast Show yesterday, spoke extensively about the Southeastern region and lamented the level of the untold human sufferings especially during the wet season where major roads to the region are cut off, leaving the people vulnerable against poverty, diseases, suffering, lack of economic activities, etc. He said under the presidency of Mr. Cummings efforts will be exerted to bring the region into the mainstream of economic activities.

“Cummings and Charlyne will use their expertise, experience and huge international contacts to woo international investors to accelerate a lot of development in the Southeast . You will know that before then, the Southeast boasted of being a leading industrial region hosting the once thriving Liberia Sugar Company (LIBSUCO), the booming Port of Harper City, the Cavalla Rubber Company, etc.

“Cummings as an investment expert once elected will ensure that opportunities are brought in and not only captured in Monrovia but also decentralized in places like the Southeast “so that they too will put their hands in the bowl and feed from their”, Wisner said confidently.

Responding to a question, what does the visit of Cummings to the Southeast add to the political discourse, Wisner said it is expected to be exciting and rewarding. He said besides being a significant event when Mr. Cummings will be going to his people, it is also a bold statement by the CPP leader to reach out to every nook and corner of the country to assess their situations and offer hope to the people never to be despair as real change to fix all the damage the country has endured over the years.

The staunch support of Cummings said the visit will be a manifestation to discount the insinuation and assumption that the entire South east was vouching for President George Manneh Weah’s second term bid “when it is very clear that Weah did not perform, he made lives miserable everybody and scored zero in every indicator.”

“People are looking for alternative change, I mean the real change that will make the country begin to work once again, restore confidence in our development partners, curb the rising rate of crimes in the country, decisively combat corruption, uphold the rule of law, etc. All these are possible under the presidency of Cummings and Liberians will be proud of the regime”, Wisner further said.

When asked what are the chances of Cummings and the CPP going into the 2023 general elections, Wisner said chances are great giving the overwhelming reception Cummings and the CPP have been accorded over the period of the nationwide citizen engagements and the realization of the Liberian people that it is only Cummings who has what it takes to undo all the negative things that have kept the country down for a long time.

“The chances are great and I can tell you that a first round victory is a possibility, given the way our people have resolved to effect the necessary changes come October 10, 2023. Our confidence level continues to rise by the day. We continue to engage the people and explain to them what we intend to do when elected but first thing first is that our people must come out to vote for the change we all need.

“No other Presidential candidate or political party has been so persuasive and being the solution provider than Cummings and the CPP and the people know that”, he said.

Wisner also responded to questions why Cummings and CPP tend to be the only targets from both the government and the very opposition community and how Cummings and the party intend to address the situation, saying that there was no other justifiable reasons for all the attacks except for the facts that Cummings and the CPP have succeeded to endear themselves to the Liberian people as true agents of change.

“There can be no other reason than the usual lies and blackmail they exhibited against Cummings when they took him to court, made him sit in the witness box just to destroy him but they did not succeed.

We are aware of these things but we are focused on the bigger things that matter most for our people. We are not talking, we are really working, talking to our people and reassuring them of better days to come and we are getting positive responses from them and that is why I was talking about a first round victory earlier”, Wisner said.

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