Man, 39 Beats Baby Mother to Death -Nabbed and Charged With Manslaughter

By: Henry N. Kolenky/Maryland Correspondent

MONROVIA: The Maryland County Detachment of the Liberia National Police (LNP) through its Pleebo Crime Services Division (CSD) Commander Jimmy T. Kaydor has charged a 39-year old Saylee Wesley Doe with manslaughter for beating on his Doe 30-year old spouse, a resident of Pleebo City Zone Four area,  identified as Esther Toe which resulted to death.

Our Maryland County correspondent reported that the Suspect was reportedly engaged in fistfight with his spouse in Pleebo Sodoken Electoral District #2 of Maryland County in Southeastern Liberia.

The police charge sheet further disclosed that before suspect Doe was acquainted with and accorded his legal right to consult his counselor and be represented by his lawyer, before he was investigated and charged on Sunday, November 19, 2023.

His problem started when residents of the area called and informed the police that Suspect Doe and his spouse were involved in a fist fight that caused the death of his 30-year old baby mother, Esther Toe, police charge sheet has disclosed

The police charge sheet further explained that the sad incident started between suspect Doe and victim Esther Toe for a query that ensued for allegedly locking doors on his two girl children that went out at night and could not return home.

Police said the victim and the suspect engaged in a serious confusion during which the accused allegedly pushed the deceased who the charge sheet narrated had fallen against an object which made the victim unconscious.

Esther was later rushed to the Pleebo Health Center where she was pronounced dead by assigned health workers, police investigation has found.

The accused has been charged with violation of Article 14.2 of the Penal Law of Liberia and is expected to be forwarded at the Pleebo Magisterial court for trial.

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