Man 30, ‘Kills’ AFL Officer Sent to Court by LNP

The Liberia National Police has arrested, investigated and charged suspect Marcus Bargus, 30 with Manslaughter for allegedly stabbing a personnel of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) identified as Michael Qwee, according to LNP release.

Suspect Bargus who had been at large was picked up on June 7, 2019, by the Crime against Person Unit of the Liberia National Police in Agenee, Todee District in rural Montserrado County.

During Police probe, it was established that on June 5, 2019 at 7:30PM, suspect Marcus Bargus appeared on a meeting ground at the Camp Todee Military Barrack, where a group of Soldiers had called a meeting with residents of the area to find means for the construction of bridges and cleaning up of their communities. The investigation also revealed that, suspect Bargus who attended the meeting was asked to sit and listen to the called meeting, but became adamant.

The LNP investigative report also revealed that, upon instruction given to the suspect which he refused, he recklessly kicked victim Michael Qwee in the groin and subsequently jumped into the bush during dark hours for fear of being arrested.

Investigators also disclosed that, suspect Bargus escaped and left his wife to be identified and four of his little children who are all residents of Agenee village.

The suspect’s wife later fled into the bush and met him where they usually process palm oil.

Due to the severity of pain sustained by victim Qwee, he was rushed for treatment by Medics at the Todee Camp’s Military clinic. The victim was later pronounced dead upon arrival by medical practitioners.

Based upon facts and circumstances adduced, coupled with eyewitnesses’ account, suspect Bargus was charged with manslaughter, which is in violation of Chapter 14, subchapter A section 14.2 of the revised penal code of the Republic of Liberia and has been forwarded to Court for prosecution, the release concluded.

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