Major Administrative Changes Effected at FDA -Technical managers swap positions

Major administrative reshuffle has been effected by the FDA Management whereby technical managers heading commercial, conservation, community and Research & Development and Liberian Verification departments have swapped positions consistent with the Management’s approach to ensure accelerated growth in performances in these critical areas which obviously serve as vital components of the entity.

The technical manager for Commercial Forestry Department, Jerry Nyumah now leaves to head the Conservation Department, William Pewu of the Research & Development department now becomes head of the Commercial Forestry Department while Blamah Goll, from the Conservation Department becomes head of the Community Forestry Department replacing Atty Gethrude Nyanlay who goes to the Liberian Verification Division as head replacing Mr. Simulu Kamara who replaces Mr. William Pewu as head of the Scientific Research & Development department .  The in-house lawyer, Atty. Nyanquoi Dolo additionally becomes legal adviser to the Law Enforcement Division.   These changes take effect as of November 1, 2021 and all concerned have been requested to prepare their turn over notes in line with normal administrative norms and procedures.

Effecting the changes Monday October 18, 2021 during a senior staff meeting, the Managing Director, C. Mike Doryen noted that although FDA is moving forward and making noticeable mark nationally and internationally, much needs to be done. “We are taking this decision in good faith and with the conviction that we will yield good results in our drive to sustainably mange the Liberian forest.

Meanwhile, the FDA boss has praised the staff for their consolidated efforts, unflinching support and passion for job, something he said worth commendation.



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