Madam Taylor: Fulfilling the Dreams of Girls’ Education

After a devastating civil war that left the nation’s education sector in complete shambles, the need to resuscitate the nation’s most vibrant sector has seemingly been relegated to the backburner. In any case, Liberia’s Vice President, Her Excellency Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor is demonstrating that the youths of Liberia, most especially the girl children must be given the necessary edge to realize their fullest potentials. In this regard, Madam Taylor recently provided a full academic scholarship to Miss Karen Renell Boiwu, a promising young Liberian female residing and schooling in Paynesville, Montserrado County. The Analyst presents below article posted on Modern Ghana website by Duannah Siryon, Liberian Contributing Writer.

Miss Boiwu, a 2nd grade student got the scholarship due to her splendid recorded recitation on the importance of education in Liberia and the need for national involvement. In addition to placing Miss Renell on her academic scholarship, the VP also PAID IN FULL the annual tuition balance owed to the school Renell attends.

Miss Boiwu recitation video made its way on various social media platforms recently, which later went viral in less than few hours. Countless commendations from viewers and admirers in Liberia and across the globe, many of whom requested her parent’s contacts in other to explore greater opportunity for the young promising female student.

“Over the years, I have sponsored thousands of young Liberian girls under my academic scholarship program. However, Miss Boiwu case was definitely unusual. She is eloquent; her presentation is phenomenal and her posture is beyond reproach for a 2nd grader. This immediately, drew my attention, considering that she’s academically brilliant and destined for greatness if the opportunity to nurture is giving her at an early stage,” said, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor!

In her quest to presenting her argument, Miss Boiwu narrated in her much publicized recorded recitation, that the only directions and solutions to enjoying Liberia is to follow education and be the future administration of this nation (Liberia).

According to Miss Boiwu, she believes that, to find lasting resolution to poverty reduction and fight against every negative issues affecting our nation (Liberia), we need education. “Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, it is time for education.” The 2nd grader concluded.

Miss Paulyne Scott, the mother of little Renell, is a healthcare worker at ELWA Hospital and a single parent. Miss Scott stood in disbelief and overjoyed with tears to see her gifted daughter given such opportunity never dream of, especially at a time when healthcare workers are protesting nationwide for salary’s payments. She recounted that while she applaud the protest by health workers, she believe that government is making countless efforts in addressing the plight of these workers, evidence by the humanitarian gesture she and many other parents received annually from the VP.

20 years ago, the Vice President established the Jewel Starfish Foundation primarily to academically support young girls from mostly disadvantaged families and communities across the country.

Thousands of girls, some of whom are leaders in their career places today, have benefitted from the Jewel Starfish Foundation scholarship.

This year alone, more than 2000 girls are on the program including Girls-20, from West Point who were recently in the More Than Me (MTM) academy scandal. They have all been send to Ricks Institute to further their studies.

Currently, the Jewel Starfish Foundation cater to girls from 7th grade thru college. However, special considerations are given to those students under 7th grade as its being done in little Renell case.

By: Duannah Siryon-Contributing Writer



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