LRA Launches Credit Scheme & First Aid Facility For Employees

The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) Wednesday, Nov 21, launched a staff credit scheme and a first aid facility for employees.

LRA Commissioner General Thomas Doe Nah said the two initiatives are intended to enhance employees’ welfare and purchasing power.

He said the First Aid facility, situated in the LRA Headquarters building, will promote a healthy work environment while the staff credit scheme (initially signed with two business entities) will encourage staff economic upkeep.

CG Nah said these initiatives are further intended to keep the employees from distractions and have them focused in the discharge of their duties of collecting revenues for the country’s development.

“In order to collect government’s revenues, you have to be healthy and that’s why we are launching this first aid program which will help to address emergency health needs,” CG Nah explained.

Commenting on the staff credit scheme program, the LRA Commissioner General said the initiative will serve, to some extent, as a financial support for staff who will want to purchase materials, but unable to do immediate payments.

“This scheme is important because it will enable employees to take credit and pay latter,” he indicated.

The staff credit scheme is aimed at providing an effective and transparent mechanism through which staff members of the LRA may acquire properties (electronic materials and furniture) and pay back in six months through slight salary deductions with zero interest rate.

Goods received on the credit under this arrangement will be at the price ordinarily sold.

Two vendors, Hadid Electronics and the Nyan-Nyan Enterprises Wednesday signed an MOU with the LRA to kick off the scheme.

As for the launch of the first aid facility, LRA employees will now receive first aid treatment during emergency situations. Ecobank Manager George Mensah-Asante cut ribbon to the health facility and lauded the LRA management’s initiative.

The facility will respond to minor occupational injury, and health emergencies. Employees will also have the opportunity to check their blood pressure and sugar level.

Launching the two initiatives at the LRA Headquarters in Paynesville, Deputy Finance and Development Planning Minister for Fiscal Affairs Samora P.Z. Wolokollie commended LRA Commissioner General Nah and his management team for the innovative initiative.

“Thanks for the farsighted decision to find innovative ways to alleviate some of the challenges faced by the staff of this great institution,” Minister Wolokollie said.

He emphasized that the importance of the LRA and its workforce cannot be overemphasized as it serves as the fulcrum of the government’s Pro-Poor Agenda revenue generation strategy.

Minister Wolokollie said employees’ welfare and satisfaction are two important variables that lead to increased productivity and workable and workplace wellness.

“What is even more commendable is that in addition to your core mandate of collecting lawful revenues, the LRA administration has embarked on the selfless journey of ensuring that their staff, regardless of their positions, are provided for, and cared for in such a way that will allow them to take advantage of this short term borrowing scheme as well as access to medical care,” Minister Wolokollie said.

For their part, the Managing Directors of the Hadid Electronics Bassam Hadid and Anthony S. Nyan of the Nyan-Nyan Enterprise lauded the collaborating partnership with the LRA and promised to fully honor the terms of the staff credit scheme.

Meanwhile, CG Nah assured the contacted business institutions that the scheme is strongly bordered on trust and reliability, calling on the vendors to provide quality products and materials as a means of ensuring equity.

Scores of business entities and organizations including the Liberia Business Association, Ecobank Liberia, International Bank, PATEL, Orange Liberia, Corporate Development Agency, City Builder, Paradise Communications, among others witnessed the signing and launching ceremonies.

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