LP Will Change Nation’s Trajectory – Charylne Brumskine Rallies Partisans at Confab

The linchpin of any progressive organization is the youth, though this segment of partisans must be exposed to tutelages rooted in the core dogma and tradition. The opposition Liberty Party has got its own young stalwarts who have been around the inner cycle for a long time and have imbibed the wisdom of the elders. For the political enterprising Charylne Brumskine, her eloquence and commitment to the Liberty Party goes beyond mere partisanship. As a daughter of the founding Political Leader and Standard Bearer, she put all on the line to ensure the legacy of her father and the fortitude of the LP are jealously protected and preserved. Speaking at the just ended Conference which elected a new corps of officials, the LP young cadre was once again at her best as one of the motivational speakers not only within the Liberty Party but also the opposition bloc at large. The Analyst reports.

When young LP stalwart Charylne mounted the podium Sunday, January 24, 2021, to as usual mesmerize her audience—some of them who had suffered defeat from leadership elections held earlier, she did so in her characteristic motivational style.

She attracted the mixture of varying mindsets and temperatures that constituted the final day audience focusing on the common agenda, the dream of change and of transformative leadership within the party and in Liberia as whole.

So, she said: “Today, January 24, 2021 Liberty Party begins a new chapter.  Liberty Party will take on a new administrative cloak of leadership.  A new corps of officers have been elected, new leaders appointed, hopes have risen.  With each passing of the mantle of leadership, the possibilities of success, dreams manifested, goals accomplished seem at arm’s reach.”

“But our dreams of a better Liberty Party, a party that will change the trajectory of our great nation, will never be realized if we do not come together as a reconciled party. We entered this convention a very divided party, we entered this convention with gapping wounds and sores that, for some, are still festering! If Liberty Party is going to manifest its divine destiny at God’s appointed time, we must make a deliberate and collaborative effort to dress the wounds, to place balm and salve on the sores of our sisters and brothers.”

Ms Brumskine recalled that last last year, the LP partisans found themselves selves in the throes of the biggest internal conflict party has ever seen.

Instead going deep into the whys of the conflict, she rather focused on my would sooth emotions and unite common forces for the common front.

Then she continued: “But this conflict was inevitable, it could not be avoided and dare I say it was necessary! The struggle the Party endured was meant to show us what we are made of, that we are a thriving party with passion in our bellies and hope in our hearts. It was meant to remind us of the importance of truth, fighting for what we believe in and then after the long hard battle coming together under the Party ideology of reconciliation.”

According to the youthful motivational speaker, now is the time that “we must repair the cloak of unity that was torn the last 12 months.

“We must call on our mothers to bring the thread and stitch the cords of togetherness healing, we must call on our fathers to bring the patches of consolidation and integrity.  We must call on the youth to bring the lining of strength and dignity. I call on all well-being partisans of LP to forgive and forget the past and look forward to the new dawn that is upon us.”

She graciously thanked outgoing Chairman Stephen Jorgbor Hamadu Zargo for his outstanding leadership during the darkest days of Liberty Party.

“You stood when the Giant and Founding Father of Liberty Party was taken from us so suddenly and too early.  You stood under immense pressure to help us score some of the biggest political wins Liberia has ever seen! You stood when your leadership was being tested on every side.  You displayed honor, discipline, integrity and love for Party. Thank you!”

Turning to the newly elected Chairman, Ms Brumskine asserted: “To my big brother Musa Hassan Billity, the newly elected Chairman of Liberty Party, Congratulations! Musa, many people don’t know that I knew you personally before I knew you politically.”

She went into the human interest story: “The first time I met you was with my father at my children’s school. It was “Bring Your Father to School” day. All fathers were asked to come to their children’s class. Your daughter and my daughter were in the same class. My father, Charles Walker Brumskine accompanied me that day.  When my father saw you, he embraced you in a way that made me ask him who is he? That day, you and my father were the only two Liberian men who came to the school.  You love your daughter so much. I have seen your relationship with your family.”

“Now, Musa, now you have a new daughter to care for… Liberty Party.  You have heavy lifting to do.  Your first task as Chairman must be to call all partisans who have been aggrieved by this process and draw them close to you.  Make them feel a part of the new process, show them your road map and let them sit next to you and co-pilot some times.”

She admitted that Mr. Bility has a vision for a better Liberia and a belief that Liberty Party will play a key role in achieving such, promsing to stand with him “because LP represents the spirit and the long years of service of my father, Charles Walker Brumskine.  My family’s support of the leadership of Liberty Party is to ensure that LP continues to move forward because we believe that Liberty Party was birthed for no other reason than service to Liberian people.”

She dispelled myths wrongly linking and limiting the party as the Grand Bassa County.

Charlyne said: “We are Liberty Party the Party of Grand Bassa, Montserrdao, Lofa, Nimba, Rivercess, Bong, Margibi, Grand Kru County the list goes on. We are the first major Political Party to elect a Woman Political Leader.  The party of Muslims and Christians, the party of the abled and disabled. WE ARE LIBERTY PARTY!”

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