LP Seals Former Bigwigs’ Doom -Announces Appointments Replacing Dillon, Others

It seems the National Executive Committee of the opposition Liberty Party, under the gavel of Chairman Musa Hassan Bility, has finished the kill, making several appointments that replaced effectively some high-level officials of the party. Political Leader Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence, Vice Chairperson for Political and Legislative Affairs Darius Dillon and others were suspended for failure to pay party dues. That action met a collateral response from the suspended officials who took to the court and the national elections umpire, the NEC, for redress in addition to setting up a parallel administration headed by Senator Steve Zargo.  But it seems the maneuvers of the rival Lawrence sect of the Liberty Party are outmaneuvered by the Bility forces who consistently continue to get a better side of the Liberian litigation system. So, finally, the Bility administration has hammered down another nail to the coffin, severing the former LP bigwigs from their respective positions with replacements announced in a press release. The Analyst reports.

The National Executive Committee of the Liberty Party (LP) has announced it had met and appointed several persons to fill vacant positions on the NEC in line with Article V (2) of the LP Constitution.

“In the event that any other officer of the NEC is removed, incapacitated or has travelled and/or abandoned his duties/responsibilities for a period exceeding six (6) months during non-election years and one (1) month during election year, the NEC shall immediately appoint a suitable replacement,” said an LP release quoting the Constitution.

He added: “In line with the above, the following appointments have been made: Wadei Powell, Vice Chair for Political and Legislative Affairs, replacing Abraham Darius Dillon; Menipakei Dumoe, Vice Chair for Press and Public Affair, replacing Daniel Sando, and Alexander Bealded, Vice Chair for Auxiliaries, replacing Agatius Coker.

Others include Daniel Gbassagee, NEC Eminent Member, replacing Kla Toomey; Mohammed Sesay, NEC Eminent Member, Replacing Prescilla Cooper, and Ayouba Kamara, NEC Eminent Member, Replacing McCarthy Weh.

According to the Liberty Party Executive Committee the appointed persons will act in these roles pending LP elections, where applicable, to permanently fill the positions.

“The remaining vacant positions on the NEC will be filled accordingly after consultations and due diligence,” the party said, further announces that following the fire incident on March 6 at the Grand Bassa County Government Hospital, a team of NEC members paid a visit to the facility on yesterday, March 10.

The visit was to ascertain its needs and possible LP interventions, the party said.

“LP was presented with a request for urgently needed hospital equipment, supplies and fuel. The LP committed to the provision of the requested equipment and supplies in the amount of $30,000 United States Dollars. LP National Chairman, Musa Hassan Bility, also made a personal donation of 1000 gallons of fuel through the Bility Development Foundation. LP will present the donation to the hospital by the end of next week.”

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