LP, CPP Deny Attending UP Meeting -But Recommit to Opposition Unity

MONROVIA – The Liberty Party (LP) and Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) have denied categorically ever attending any called meeting by the Unity Party (UP) from which a press release issued on December 7, 2022 indicating that the UP convened an inter-party consultative meeting with opposition parties to deliberate on matters related to national elections, census and other national issues of mutual interest and that the LP and the CPP were present in the meeting.

In a statement issued last evening and signed by the National Chairman of both LP and CPP, Mr. Musa Hassan Bility, LP said while it holds no opposition to matters purported to have been the topic of discussion during said meeting, the LP categorically denies “this blatantly false and misleading information”. It said at no time did LP ever receive a communication from UP inviting it to any such meeting nor did any member of the LP National Executive Committee attend any such meeting.

 “At a time when the CPP, of which LP is a member, is engaged in conversations with other opposition Political Parties about Opposition unification, it is shameful that UP would issue a Press Statement with such falsehoods. Even worse, it is a tragedy that UP would convene such a meeting of opposition political parties and intentionally not include the CPP. These actions are yet additional examples of the UP’s consistent, continuous, and malicious attempt to sow seeds of discord among the Opposition community. While the LP remains committed to unifying opposition, it is important for us to inform the public of any intentional fabrication of the truth by UP intended to derail the progress being made among opposition Political Parties.

 “LP would like to inform its partisans and the general public that it remains resolute in achieving opposition unity and will not allow these, or any other antics from the UP, to deter its resolution. LP cautions the UP to desist from continuing to spread such falsehoods involving it and the CPP”, the statement concluded.

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