LP, ANC Remain Partners” -Bility Reaffirms LP Support to Cummings’ Presidential Bid

The National Chairman of Liberty Party Musa Hassan Bility, says come hell or high water, the Liberty Party (LP) and the Alternative National Congress (ANC) will remain partners in the prevailing political environment until at the end of the ensuing 2023 general elections.

Making the reaffirmation last Thursday on social media, Mr. Bility declared that under his watch, no force will obstruct the Liberty Party and ANC partnership.

“The Liberty Party and the ANC will remain partners in this political environment until after the 2023 elections. This mission and vision is far above and beyond anyone’s ambition or ego- certainly not me. I am a patriot. I will never put myself above the greater good. This is not in my character, and you know it. Continue to confuse yourself with what MHB stands for. One day you brand him as a “REGIME COLLABORATOR”; another day, I am insisting on being the VP of the fiercest critic of the Regime I am supposedly collaborating with. I’m sure your third option will be a combination of both. But I’m here,” Mr. Bility openly challenged his critics.

The LP Chairman further affirmed that his mission is to ensure that the LP/ANC efforts will chart a new course for Liberia.

“And at no time will Musa Hassan Bility be an obstacle to this Union. We await the Armageddon War that will occasion your VP selection process, to be followed by the mass movement of the dissatisfied elements of your unholy alliance with the CDC. I am fully aware that this is the commitment each of the sides seeking to be VP to JNB has made to the CDC. Safe this post,” Bility remarked cryptically.

It can be recalled that Mr. Bility’s reaffirmation of LP partnership with the ANC was first announced on December 18, 2021 at a Liberty Party Special National Convention held in Ganta, Nimba County where he endorsed Mr. Alexander B. Cummings as the LP’s choice for the CPP ticket.

At the time, Bility informed the media that the LP reached the decision following a thorough vetting process that included in-person and virtual delegates.

“The delegates voted overwhelmingly and took the decision not to present any presidential election in 2023. That being said, the party unanimously endorsed Mr. Alexander Cummings as its choice for the primary and subsequently for the election in 2023. The Liberty Party will stand by this decision and will vigorously campaign for Mr. Cummings moving forward,” Bility said.

In accordance with the 2021 LP Resolution that endorsed Mr. Cummings, the Liberty Party and its members at home and the Diaspora committed themselves to ensure that Alexander B. Cummings is elected president of Liberia.

The Endorsement Resolution further stated that the Liberty Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) was authorized to prepare a Memorandum of Understanding for signing by LP and the endorsed candidate political party, based on the agreements and understanding of the SNC deliberations and endorsement.

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