“Look Beyond Bicentennial” -Pres. Weah Enjoins Liberians to Achieve More than Forebears

On the eve of the official launch of Liberia’s Bicentennial Celebration marking the return of freed slaves from the United States of America to establish Africa’s first independent Republic, President George Manneh Weah has enjoined Liberians at home and abroad to look beyond the Bicentennial celebrations and forge a new chapter that will surpass the country’s historic establishment.

Making the pronouncement Sunday at the grounds of the Executive Mansion where prelates had assembled to consecrate the presidential residence before its official opening today, President Weah said, as Liberians retrospect these first two hundred years, one cannot help but wonder what motivated the founding fathers of the Republic to break the chains of bondage and slavery and brave the dangers of a long and perilous ocean crossing to land on these shores.

“I believe that they were in search of a Land of Liberty and Freedom, which would serve as a home and safe haven for all its citizens, regardless of tribe or creed or religion, where they could exercise and enjoy their inherent and inalienable human rights without hindrance or molestation. I believe that wherever their souls lie today in peaceful repose, they can look down on Liberia with pride and satisfaction, seeing that their dreams have not only been realized, but sustained. Therefore, my Fellow Citizens, as we commemorate this great national milestone, let me challenge each of us to reflect on not only what has been achieved this far, but also on what can still be achieved in the future,” the Liberian leader said.

“Let me invite you to join me in looking beyond the Bicentennial, into a new world of science and technology, into a new world of globalization, into a new world where liberty, equality, stability, justice, peace, and prosperity under the rule of law are guaranteed for all our citizens.

“Let us look beyond the Bicentennial to a new world where opportunities will exist for all our citizens to achieve political, social, moral, religious, and cultural advancement. Permit me to extend my thanks and appreciation to the Liberia Council of Churches, and to the Christian Community at large, which have encouraged all churches and ministries in Liberia to overwhelmingly support and participate in the historic event. Beyond the Bicentennial, I envisage a new Liberian with basic social services for all, and with opportunities to enhance road connectivity, educational programs, adequate health care delivery, and the creation of a national platform where all Liberians will live in peaceful co-existence with one another, in an atmosphere that fosters national unity and reconciliation.

“My fellow Citizens, as we reflect on the bountiful blessings of peace and stability which we enjoy today in our country, let us continue to collectively work together to maintain the peace and do everything within our individual powers to nurture and keep alive the spirit of oneness, kindness, forgiveness, and love for each other and for our common patrimony Liberia. May God bless Liberia, and Liberians, both home and abroad. Happy Bicentennial to you all!!” President Weah enthused.

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